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Preview Samsung Galaxy S3 app on other Android devices

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S III smartphone recently, one of their touted exclusive features was the Flipboard app which will come bundled on the new phone when it releases at the end of the month. However, thanks to the cunning work of one developer, the app has been yanked from the Galaxy S III and it’s available to download on other Android devices.

Considering that the Galaxy S III isn’t even out yet, it’s pretty amazing to think that an app thought to be exclusive to the handset can be taken just like that and opened up to all Android users. Flipboard is an app that has been available on iOS for a long time, but just like Instagram it has now found its way over to Android.

Rather than being a Galaxy S III exclusive, you can get this working on devices such as the Galaxy Nexus and the HTC One X, simply by extracting the apk file that has been provided over at the XDA Developer Forums. For those unfamiliar with how the app works, it essentially allows you to compile your favorite social media such as Facebook Twitter and other websites into one. You can then swipe with ease and select the things you want to read in more detail with a single click.

If you want to try out Flipboard on your current Android device, make sure you head to settings and select the install apps from non-market option otherwise it won’t work. Let us know how you get on and what device you have managed to get this running. It will be interesting to see if any other Galaxy S III features become available on other Android devices before release.



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