BF3 vanilla experience dead with power hungry admins

By Alan Ng - May 11, 2012

How are you enjoying your Battlefield 3 experience at the moment? It has been a good while since we last spoke about some of the custom server issues that some of you have been facing and unfortunately, it appears to have taken a turn for the worse.

While some of you are clearly happy pouring money into EA’s rent a server program on console, it appears that many of you are not, particularly those who just want to enjoy the vanilla BF3 experience that you first enjoyed when buying the game last year.

All the official servers hosted by EA and DICE appear to have disappeared permanently, with the minimal official servers that were available all snapped up by those who can’t wait to set up their 2000 ticket Metro 24/7 server. If the zero availability of official servers wasn’t bad enough, there also seems to be a growing trend of skilled players getting kicked by admins who decide that they don’t want them playing on their servers any more.

I have seen this myself first hand in game and it is annoying I have to say. Being kicked for no reason is obviously very irritating, especially when you have racked up a good score only for it to mean nothing. If DICE are going to keep custom servers in the game permanently at the expense of official ones, then they really need to tweak some settings to keep everyone happy.

Firstly, there needs to be an option to report an admin more easily. By perhaps having a ‘rate an admin’ option at the end of the map, with the votes going directly to a regional moderation team who can take action. Obviously it doesn’t solve the problem initially when you’ve just been kicked, but at least it’s a way for DICE to identify admins who are on a power trip.

After the infamous tweaks to the tactical light and IRNV scope, are you a bit disappointed with the way the game has ended up? The Close Quarters expansion will probably divert attention from the ongoing issues when it releases this Summer, but we just hope that DICE are listening to the community, as the popularity of the game seems to have decreased after their latest patch update.

How is your experience with the game at the moment – are you a happy player with no problems, or have you been kicked for no good reason at times?

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  • Foza

    No im not happy with the lastest patch its crap just been kicked for no reason this problem needs to be solved seems like these power crazy helmets are running the show and its not on!

  • matonking

    I’ve been kicked for just rediculous reasons. I’ve been kicked from official high profile servers (i.e clans which actually own websites) just for hitting the admins heli with my jet cannon.. not destroy.. JUST HIT.

    It’s as if they all want god mode enabled. like..

    No shotguns
    No granades
    No m320
    No mav glitching
    No camping
    oh yeah and… No killing me.

    There is only a ” report a banner ” option. Why don’t they have a “report a server/admin” option too? and allow you to state a reason why.

    I’ve stopped playing BF3 as frequently for this very reason.

    More over, if its not fixed for the next DLC, I wont be buying it. Why pay extra for something you won’t really get to enjoy?

    Shameful shameful money making scheme dice has performed.

  • But if they bring back their OFFICIAL severs then they cant claim denyability over exploits they should be able to deal with but refuse to for some unknwn reason.

    Iv been wondering for some time, why I cant add the filter ‘Search ONLY Official EA servers’ but now its become clear.  If they dont want to bring back official servers then you can bet this copy will be back at Gamestop, trading it for something else.  I didnt buy this game to have its ‘playability’ modified by every 10 year old or every 30-40 year old looking to impress 12 year old players.  There is something just inherently wrong with that!!!

    • Im not just tired of 2000 ticket matches but servers that seem to be able to shut off the VoIP channel on my PS3, or stop me from creating my own squads, not to even talk about being kicked because you are inteferring with some silly kids boosting and squatting.

      I rented a server for 30 days but REFUSE to pay again until EA puts some faith back in their game with OFFICIAL servers, and a choice to use ONLY those servers.

  • tiller659

    Custom servers can definitely be fun at times but it’s ridiculous that they have pretty much taken away all official servers. I don’t want to play custom servers all the time, I miss the “vanilla” experience every now and then. I shouldn’t have to pay to create a server to have the original conquest rules and tickets.

    The quality of the game and the overall experience has taken a pretty big hit after the latest patch. After playing with the new patch for some time now, there were things that were nerfed that shouldn’t have been and some that were nerfed to much, but you just have to find what works for you. Still a fun game but was by far better when first released.

  • Seems to be pot luck with the servers.  At the beginning when rent a server started I was kicked so many times for no reason but personally I haven’t been kicked at all now for a while.  Hopefully it was just the admins getting that power kick (pun intended) out of their system.  On another note the rent a server has changed the way I play the game, being more specific in the maps and servers I choose because I know I could be stuck in some of them a while with the massive tickets some have.  The length of time the games can go on for now is a good thing too though, on certain maps you can really get in your stride and own the game.  On the other hand if most of the other team are in their stride and you’re getting your ass kicked it makes me hover over the quit button.