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7-inch iPad may counter Google Nexus tablet in 2012

We haven’t heard too many details on Google’s forthcoming ‘Nexus’ tablet, but this week we have heard interesting rumors that Apple may be planning to release a smaller version of their iPad as a direct countermeasure.

It’s not the first time we have heard such whispers of course, as a 7-inch or ‘Mini’ iPad have been rumored for quite some time actually. However, Google’s Nexus tablet is a reality and should become available later on in the year.

It would be a logical assumption for Apple to offer an alternative to this and the good news is that not only may we be seeing a 7-inch version of the popular iPad, but also an iPad that will be priced significantly cheaper than the $499 new iPad as well. A rumor posted by iMore suggests that the 7-inch iPad will debut in October and will be priced at the $200 – coincidentally the exact same figure that the Amazon Kindle Fire sells for online at the moment. It’s also the same price range that Google are rumored to be targeting for their Nexus tablet as well, so could we see an almighty battle of the budget tablets towards the end of the year?

We’re also hearing that the $200 7-inch iPad will be offered with an 8GB capacity, meaning that it will fall in line with current pricing for the 8GB iPod Touch. Whether this means that a price cut is on the way to the iPod Touch remains to be seen, but it would seem pretty strange if Apple kept iPod Touch prices the same – who would pick up the 8GB iPod Touch ahead of a brand new 8GB iPad with a possible A5X or A6 processor?

Would you like to see Apple bring out a direct rival to the Kindle Fire and Nexus tablet? More importantly – would you be willing to buy one if this is real? Apple wouldn’t want Google to share all the limelight of course when they eventually release the Nexus Tablet, that isn’t their style.



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