Microsoft patent realizes Xbox 720 controller dreams

By Alan Ng - May 10, 2012

While Nintendo were first to ‘raise the game’ so to speak in terms of unveiling next generation hardware, a recent patent filed by Microsoft could be an indication that great things are on the way to future Xbox ‘720’ console owners.

Innovative is certainly going to be the key word for consumers as they look for brand new features in hardware and software that haven’t been seen yet. Nintendo’s Wii U touchscreen controller certainly fits this bracket, but Microsoft also have something huge in the pipeline and we could be seeing it in their next console.

The company has filed a patent for an Xbox controller which uses biometrics to identify users. In other words, the controller has the ability to scan data such as the length of your fingers, as well the firmness of your grip and send back the info to the console which will identify the person each time based on his or her biometric data.

It means that simply grasping the controller will allow you to sign in to Xbox Live straight away without the need of any button presses, and in our opinion – it’s a stroke of genius. Additional details over at TheVerge suggest that the patent also extends to Kinect as well, using biometrics to boot up Kinect games and profiles without the need of button presses.

It sounds fantastic doesn’t it? There’s no indication that this patent will be ready in time for the next console but we think we speak on behalf of everyone in saying that we hope so. These are the kinds of innovative features that the next generation console needs and it could turn out to be a major selling point for Microsoft. Does Sony have something similar in the pipeline, or will this end up being a Xbox ‘720’ exclusive feature thanks to the patent? Not long to go until E3 2012 now – we can’t wait.

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  • gobsmacked

    yeah !!! lets put a retinal scanner on it too and while we are at it our complete DNA profile, mug shots, medical records and bank details .
    has any one ever heard of hindsight ? ,while practicing its use you can see where things are heading and it is not  fun or games, heres a clue; think Orwells 1984.

    you want to sign in quicker so lets have biometrics huh ????
    well here’s a novel idea that’s been around for a while  ‘AUTOMATIC SIGN IN WHEN YOU SWITCH IT ON’
    or get microsoft to make switching profiles easier. ie like on a pc !!

  • It is also worth noting that the console will be available in black as well according to the promotional video the company showed.
    We also expect a whole flood of other Wii U accessories over time. And don’t throw away that Balance Board just yet, it also works with the new Nintendo machine.

  • eAbyss

    That’s awesome. I can’t wait to see what else they’ve come up with.

  • Look2theskye11792

    a controler that can identify you and sign you in… wtf. im sure kinect already took that. YOU GUYS ARE WASTING MONEY AND TIME. make a control WORTH something to the games we play

    • eAbyss

      Not everyone owns a Kinect plus it’s often difficult for it to recognize you when using low lighting or when your not in the butter zone for playing Kinect like sitting in your chair. Also it can’t detect who’s actually holding the controller, meaning it could detect and log in someone else in the room when your the one who’s playing. This should fix all of that.

  • Storm77

    Not sure why this writer is getting excited about a controller that can identify someone. Who cares?? How will it improve games and make them more fun? This is the question. 

    • eAbyss

      If you’ve ever played you’d know how annoying it is to push all those buttons and go through the screens just to log on when all you want to do is play. Anything that will decrease the time it takes from picking up the controller to playing your favorite game is a good thing. It’s always “more fun” to play then to waste time logging in.