Face-Off, surprising new free MW3 DLC impresses

By Alan Ng - May 10, 2012

To say that Modern Warfare 3 players on Xbox 360 get treated a little better than those on PS3 and PC is an understatement. Even more so, when you find out what is coming next as part of the Content Collection 2 DLC pack this month.

We thought that Elite members on Xbox 360 would just be getting four new multiplayer maps to play, but Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer have gone one better than that. Starting from May 15, you’ll be able to play a new multiplayer mode called Face-Off, which pits you against your opponent in a 1Vs1 deathmatch in four brand new smaller designed maps to accomodate the new mode.

You can also play Face-Off with a friend in a 2v2 battle and it works via split-screen as well which is good. The four maps that are exclusive to the Face-Off mode are Erosion, Aground, Getaway and Lookout. How about this though – the first two Face-Off maps Aground and Erosion are actually free to download on May 15 and you don’t need an Elite subscription either. No Activision evil scheme going on here folks, it is a free download on Xbox 360 – no word on whether it will apply to PS3 and PC though, but we expect so.

Aside from the new Face-Off mode and maps, you’ll also be getting three new standard multiplayer maps on the Content Collection 2. Two of these you’ll already know as Sanctuary and Foundation since they are out on Elite, but the last is a brand new map called Oasis.

Finally, there’s another two new Spec Ops missions – Killswitch and Ironclad. The latter of which sounds the most exciting to us, as you’ll actually get to drive a tank and use its weapons which should put a smile on some of your faces.

That is a lot of content you have to say, and we’re pleasantly surprised about those two free Face-Off maps as well. The Content Collection releases on May 22nd on Xbox Live, but you can get it a week earlier on May 15 if you have an Elite subscription – the May 15 date still applies to everyone though regarding the two free Face-Off maps.

You can read descriptions of all the new maps in the updated Content Calendar here. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming Content Collection 2 DLC pack – will you be buying it or have you given up on Call of Duty until Black Ops 2 arrives?

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  • Piranha72

    I checked the content calendar and it shows Free for PS3 users in June. And Bubba joe Xbox 360 users don’t get their content first because they pay for live, they get it first because Activision and Microsoft entered a deal in 2010 to release DLC on Xbox 360 first. This expires in 2012 so hopefully with Black Ops II everyone will get their DLC at the same time.

  • bubba joe bronson

    xboxers get treated betr cuz they pay for their live

  • Roland261

    i cant stand infinity wards crap what a waste of time money same old shhtuff and all you industrie gamers love it to death its a 65 dollar map pack garbage get original

  • eAbyss

    Stupid. Don’t waste time and money on 1v1, 2v2 only maps that a vast majority of gamers won’t even touch. They should have been made as regular multiplayer maps with areas blocked off, cover (re)moved, etcetera for face-off mode.

  • Necro7

    Interesting idea but not my cup of tea, i didn’t like the 1v1 mode in cod4 it was to slow paced and most the time ends up with the other player/both players camping out, not that it’s a bad thing as some people like the less frantic game type. I suppose it may add some interesting stealth scenarios though 🙂 Anyway nice new maps, more fun to be had!