Wild iPad 4 and iPhone 5 claims from Taiwan

By Daniel Chubb - May 9, 2012

It amazes us how some technology websites pull so-called facts out of a hate, and this has been seen again today thanks to a source claiming insiders at Pegatron are stating a new iPad 4 and iPhone 5 would launch later this year. The finer details point to both a 7-inch iPad releasing in August and a 10-inch iPad somewhere in the fourth quarter, which is completely unlike Apple.

We’d expect a new iPad to launch around 12 months after the last generation, which means sometime early 2013 and not in 2012 when the iPad 3 has already released. You can read the full details in this Digi Times article, which I’m sure you agree becomes even more wild when they state the “Taiwan-based supply chain maker” announced this news unofficially.

It’s obvious the next iPhone will be coming at some point this year, unless we hit another delay, and the same article states Pegatron landed “orders for a new-generation iPhone“, which is much more believable than two new iPads coming a few months after the 3rd generation tablet.

Are you looking forward to getting the real iPhone 5, also know as the 6th generation iPhone? We would say this source lost all credibility when they mentioned two new iPads in 2012 (making 3 this year in total) at differences sizes. You might also want to look at how some blogs feel they know the real release date for iPhone 5.

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  • i_talk

    Sometimes I wonder why the new iPad is doing so well and how? It just does’t seem different enough. Not even Apple fanatic iJustine was so will to buy it.

  • Spanner35

    You should really get someone to proof read your articles spelling is a joke!

  • Blett70

    Uuummmmm. …..so what. How do YOU know when the isomthing is going to be released. Hell for all you know they might release a iphotab. Big fail