Sony live stream of E3 2012 press conference going global

By Alan Ng - May 9, 2012

We’ve already told you that Sony will be holding their E3 2012 press conference on June 4th, but now we have some further good news. The company has announced that they will be providing a live stream of their keynote over the internet, ensuring that every PlayStation lover across the globe can tune in to the action.

If you really enjoy your live gaming events, there is no worse feeling that having to deal with a major announcement via a live blog. Nothing beats a live announcement right there on stage and we’re pleased to see that Sony will be opening up their E3 2012 event to the masses.

To show how eager they are, they have even started a countdown site now, on their official E3 portal here. Just to remind you once again, the show kicks off at 6PM PT, or 9PM Eastern Time – so 2AM for those of you tuning in from the UK. Just to point out that link above to the countdown is where the live stream will be shown, so it is probably a good idea to bookmark it in advance so you are prepared for when the event is just about to start.

For those wondering, you’ll also be able to watch the live stream directly from your PS3 browser as well. In previous years, you would have to watch E3 from the virtual Home space, but that isn’t the case this year. We would still recommend using your computer though, especially if the stream happens to go down half way through – plus the PS3 browser isn’t exactly up to the standards of Firefox, Chrome or Safari is it?

So there we have it, a nice confirmation of a live stream in advance – just what we hoped to hear. Let us know what you are expecting to see at the event, bearing in mind that it is highly unlikely that we won’t see any next generation hardware. Perhaps no expectations this year is a good thing?

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  • Shapingtheclouds

    how is sony’s press conference on june 4th if e3 is june 5th through the 7th?