Black Ops 2 setting ownership threatens release

By Alan Ng - May 9, 2012

We would love to bring you some new information on Black Ops 2 zombies, but in actual fact the latest news on the game will probably surprise you if you haven’t already heard. It has been suggested that the release of the game may be delayed, due to a clause in the Call of Duty contract related to Infinity Ward and their rights to titles released with a post-Vietnam setting.

If you have played previous Call of Duty titles, you’ll know that Infinity Ward usually handle the modern era style Call of Duty games, while Treyarch has focused on older settings in history for their games, like we saw in Black Ops and also in World at War before it.

With Black Ops 2, the game is now set in the year 2025 and it is a major adjustment for everyone after playing the first Black Ops game. You would have thought that there would be no problem with Treyarch adopting the futuristic approach with their new game, but according to documents revealed by GameInformer, Infinity Ward has exclusive rights to Call of Duty games set after Vietnam – if you can believe that.

The strange thing here, is that Actvision are obviously in the middle of both companies, but with Infinity Ward now under new direction after the major shake-up which resulted in two ex-leads leaving, this clause in the contract may be the moment when Activision’s ongoing legal dispute with the ex-leads takes another turn for the worse.

We’ve heard that in the worse case scenario that the game may even be delayed until this issue is sorted out, but we have a feeling that given the financial position that Activision are in – a cash settlement could be a way out of this. It is a remarkable read, so study the documentation if you are interested in finding out more.

What are your thoughts on a potential delay to Black Ops 2? Are you amazed that Infinity Ward has exclusive rights to all modern era Call of Duty games?

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  • It also say that if the two developers got fired,  that contract is nullified. 

  • eAbyss

    Who cares. Just let them release the game.

  • eAbyss

    Who cares. Just let them release the game.

  • Snow2pumpkin

    exactly, money hungry cunts, they obviously don’t care about the players

  • Chris

    bunch of twats.  for gamers its about entertainment, for execs its about business = infinity ward jump in front of a car for you?  more like push you in front of a car for cash….