100 Floors: Level simplification for iPhone game

By Daniel Chubb - May 9, 2012

When it comes to the top apps on iTunes they change frequently and while some stay a while, like Angry Birds, others come and go with quick success and short attention spans. Today another iOS app has caught the eye of iPhone and iPod users in the thousands, and that game is 100 floors although some people want to cheat certain levels.

Puzzle games love to kill spare time – one thing you can count on with harder puzzle apps is the fact that many will steal your spare time, and while some people breezed through 100 floors level 1 to 30, others need a walkthrough for this addicting iPhone game.

Those behind the 100 Floors app promise new floors over time, so you only need to check for updates if you’ve completed the game already and loved it. Those of our readers that need a little help can see the video below this article, which runs you through all the levels. We found the 100 Floors puzzle game simple and great fun, although level 18 caused us a few problems until we figured out you needed to press all the blue lights quickly until they turned off.

Have you had problems with any of 100 Floors levels? Level 9, 10, 28, and 6 were also tricky for us but very simple after we worked them out. It seems stupid really when you get stuck on some levels that are really simple in hindsight.

100 Floors is not the only new app that has caught the attention of iPod and iPhone owners, you might also want to try the Logos Quiz app via our earlier article here.

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  • Cr3azza

    How do I do 29 ????

  • Mtpet11

    Can’t get passed level 17. Help

  • Deborahd588

    I’m having problem with level 32

  • Becky105 :)

    I still can’t get the door open on floor 16

    • Dannybo85

      Undo the screw and take the panel off and then turn ur devise upside down

  • Vishal

    How do I do number 28

    • Dannybo85

      Tap u screen twice then pause then three time then pause then once then the door will open

      • Vishal 22

        How do I do 29 it makes no sense

        • Vishal 22


        • Bralston

          Any help on 29 I can’t get it