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Japan gets Crystal White PS Vita, rest of world gets jealous

We have some great news for those of you who have managed to hold off from buying Sony’s PS Vita handheld. Fresh from Japan, the company has just confirmed that they will soon be unleashing a rather lovely looking Crystal White version of the device.

Obviously, it is going to be pretty iritating for those who already have the black model and like the look of Sony’s new color. Personally speaking, I have a white PS3 and a white PSP so this would have been a perfect addition to the collection – with a black 3G Vita though, there isn’t really any desire to own two systems.

For those that are interested and that should be a lot of you, you’ll be able to import one from Japan since it will go on sale on June 28th – right after Sony has wrapped up their E3 2012 proceedings. The price is the same as the standard versions, so expect to pay ¥29,980 (3G) or ¥24,980 (WiFi) if importing is definitely a viable route for you.

Aside from the lovely new color, Sony has also announced a few white accessories which will launch alongside their new version. A white pair of headphones will be available for ¥2,800, while the bundled cloth and carry case will be available in white as well.

Unfortunately and probably unsurprising to a lot of you, there’s no information at the moment on when the white version will be releasing in the US and Europe. We’re hoping that Sony will announce this directly at their E3 press conference, as it would be a travesty if this stayed exclusive to Japan.

Take a look at the white Vita below in an official trailer and let us know your thoughts on it. Are any of you prepared to sell your black model in order to raise funds for an expensive import? It is very tempting from our point of view and you just know that these are going to turn up on Ebay for crazy amounts in July.



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