iOS 5.1.1 lacks new features, but squashes plenty of bugs

By Alan Ng - May 8, 2012

It has been a good while since we last had an official iOS update from Apple, but we’re pleased to say that a new software update is now available to download. Unfortunately, iOS 5.1.1 doesn’t add any notable new features, but there are a good amount of bug fixes that should please some of you.

Just like previous versions of iOS 5, you’ll be able to install this directly from your iOS device by simply going to general settings and heading into the software update section. If you click ‘learn more’ you can also read a list of what Apple has included in iOS 5.1.1 and there are five notable bug fixes and improvements.

Firstly, Apple has improved the reliability of taking photos using the HDR option when shooting directly from the lock screen shortcut. There’s also some improvements when syncing bookmarks in Safari, as well as a much needed fix when video playback using AirPlay didn’t work as normal.

One aspect which we’re pleased to see a bug fix to though, is when making purchases from the Apple Store. We’re not sure about you, but on some occasions we’ve seen a ‘unable to purchase’ alert flash up on the screen, despite the fact that you’ve already paid for an item. When you are on a bus or train and using a 3G network to buy something off the App Store and this message pops up after having gone through the credit card process – it’s not a nice feeling. Hopefully with this change in iOS 5.1.1, it’s the last time that we see such problems occur.

We’re not entirely surprised to see that Apple hasn’t included any new features, but we just hope that they are saving this for WWDC 2012 which takes place next month. There’s still no word on whether we’ll see a new iPhone at the event, but the next major version of iOS aka iOS 6 is still a good possibility.

If you’ve noticed anything in iOS 5.1.1 that Apple hasn’t mentioned in their notes, be sure to leave a comment below. Are you expecting to see iOS 6 at WWDC or is it too soon in your opinion?

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  • Benson

    I just updated my IOS to 5.1.1, but after the update my iphone so often refreshthemselves. and the battery runs out too fast, and I do not use my iphone

  • Raker195

    Installed the update to my ipad. The ipad now has blank black screen and won’t start. Don’t know if the installation completed or stopped part way through.Have tried holding the sleep and home buttons for 15 seconds but nothing happens.

  • Omgimbetterthanyou11

    Yes finally they removed the unable to purchase alert!!!

  • India Collier

    i dont get what the differences is??:/

  • Fmacan

    I just update my Iphone 4 to iOS 5.1.1 and the applications doesn`t open… anyone have the same issue?

  • Ben Crosbie

    Sorry for misstypes.

  • Ben Crosbie

    i hope the new iphone 5 will have a 3D dual camera. and another idea needed is automatic wi-fi, turns on when youre using internet and completly off when your not, its kinda annoying switching it on and off yourself trying so save the battery. Siri isnt great either it requires internet and it wont open any apps. People have old phones with loads of files and like to share files by bluetooth or infared, unfortunatly were not able to share files because the iphone only uses bluetooth for handsfree.