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HTC EVO 4G LTE release date shenanigans, bargain hunt starts

It has been over a month since Sprint announced their latest flagship handset and we’re pleased to say that the highly anticipated HTC EVO 4G LTE is now available to pre-order. That’s where the good news ends though, as there appears to be some confusion on when the device will actually ship.

Right now, you can head to Sprint’s official website and pre-order the device for $199 on a two-year contract, once you have typed in your zip code. Before you rush out and pre-order though, you may want to shop around for better deals – for good reason.

Wirefly has also gone live with their HTC EVO 4G pre-order page and have already slashed $50 off Sprint’s asking price for the device. It means that you can pick up the device for a very reasonable $150 on contract and don’t forget that it also comes with $10 of free Google Wallet credit if you’re signing up for the NFC service for the very first time.

As Engadget noticed though, Wirefly were also initially willing to disclose a few additional details that the official Sprint website did not, including a solid release date for the device. As seen in this screenshot here, you can clearly see that an May 18 release date is mentioned, but if you head to Wirefly’s EVO 4G LTE page now you’ll see that the release date information has disappeared. Has Sprint been on to them straight away to remove the information asap? It looks that way to us.

If correct, May 18 isn’t too long away but it still gives you a good while to hold out for some even better deals from other online retailers. We have a feeling that some other sellers may be willing to part with some free accessories like we’ve seen in the past so it is well worth keeping your eyes open.

We will let you know if the release date status changes over the next few days, but for now make a note of May 18 for the glorious launch. If you are hunting for the best deals online at the moment, let us know if you have spotted anything better than the $150 price that Wirefly are offering.



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