HTC EVO 4G LTE release date shenanigans, bargain hunt starts

By Alan Ng - May 8, 2012

It has been over a month since Sprint announced their latest flagship handset and we’re pleased to say that the highly anticipated HTC EVO 4G LTE is now available to pre-order. That’s where the good news ends though, as there appears to be some confusion on when the device will actually ship.

Right now, you can head to Sprint’s official website and pre-order the device for $199 on a two-year contract, once you have typed in your zip code. Before you rush out and pre-order though, you may want to shop around for better deals – for good reason.

Wirefly has also gone live with their HTC EVO 4G pre-order page and have already slashed $50 off Sprint’s asking price for the device. It means that you can pick up the device for a very reasonable $150 on contract and don’t forget that it also comes with $10 of free Google Wallet credit if you’re signing up for the NFC service for the very first time.

As Engadget noticed though, Wirefly were also initially willing to disclose a few additional details that the official Sprint website did not, including a solid release date for the device. As seen in this screenshot here, you can clearly see that an May 18 release date is mentioned, but if you head to Wirefly’s EVO 4G LTE page now you’ll see that the release date information has disappeared. Has Sprint been on to them straight away to remove the information asap? It looks that way to us.

If correct, May 18 isn’t too long away but it still gives you a good while to hold out for some even better deals from other online retailers. We have a feeling that some other sellers may be willing to part with some free accessories like we’ve seen in the past so it is well worth keeping your eyes open.

We will let you know if the release date status changes over the next few days, but for now make a note of May 18 for the glorious launch. If you are hunting for the best deals online at the moment, let us know if you have spotted anything better than the $150 price that Wirefly are offering.

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  • Manisa5977

    what i want to know how is how soon would the accessories be available, like screen protectors and cases.i like to protect all my phones right out of the box

  • Josephvega619

    got mine pre ordered fom best buy i am sick of my evo 4g reloading when i back out of something. i like there replacement policy if you pay the 10 bucks a month and i will keep my old onejust in case. plus i have 80 bucks in rewards from best buy and hey 50 bucks thes a new xbox game

  • Janaireb

    I agree with you guys. If this rude lady didnt bump into me and my screen got a crack I would definitely wait. I have had no problems with my original EVO till now and the screen. I want something just as comparable to it. So hopefully this phone will do. I wanted to pre-order but i want to shop around too because by the time u add tax a screen protecter and a phone case at least u packing on  300 plus u get charged the activation fee on ur next bill. SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ANY OTHER DEALS YOU COME ACROSS PENDING MAY 18TH. 

  • Phoneguy

    The best deal is not even mentioned here. If you were smart enough to register ur number with best buy mobiles phone freedom deal you automatically get 50 dollars off!! And then they give u 100 dollars if u trade in ur old EVO. You can end up getting this new device for 50 dollars. Not to mention they are also giving away a 50 dollar gift card at the time of purchase. Why would u shop wirefly??

    • Klb7885

      On best buy website it only mentioned that you will receive a $50 best buy give card upon activation. Although I did read another post from a consumer that they are giving a $70 credit when you trade in your old Evo on top of that. If you check sprint’s buy back program, they’re also giving $70 for your old Evo. Me personally I rarely shop at best buy,so a $50 gift card isn’t much of an incentive to me; more like inticing me to go in there and spend more money on things I don’t need that I can get cheaper elsewhere. Plus I plan on keeping my old Evo as a back up, so I could care less about the trade in credit.

    • Klb7885

      If you’re looking to save money, wirefly is sell the phone for $150. 

  • Meat Man

    I was on Sprint’s web-site last night and was a bout to order the phone until I read that my credit card was going to be immediately charged. I have bought thousands of dollars in goods on-line and can’t remember anyone charging me before shipping. That appeared unethical to me. Not giving the date of release also appeared shady. It seemed like I was floating Sprint a loan. Finally, let me remind everyone Sprint again is selling us a great phone while promising the infrastructure to come later. That was the same game they played in 2010 with the Evo 4G. Having a 4G LTE phone with a 3G signal (at best) just doesn’t seem like a reason to rush out for a different color phone that turns on a tad quicker, while not being able to touch the battery…..

    • B1107

      All valid points.  That being said, I’ve already pre-ordered and can’t wait!!

    • Inverse137

       I would wait for full LTE service….but….

      The screen on my EVO 3D is failing.  If I didn’t need to replace/repair my phone I would be waiting just as you are recommending.

      I like the EVO 3D but we are only talking $100 difference if using my upgrade to get another 3D vs 4G LTE.

      I’m not usually an early adopter but I’ve had pretty good luck with HTC phones.