Hating Samsung Galaxy S3 and hot air

By Daniel Chubb - May 8, 2012

After a major push with the Samsung Galaxy S3 it seems there has been a revolt from some fans, and also those that never planned to buy the officially named Galaxy S III, but instead taunt those that did order. We’ve also seen a number of blogs compare the new Samsung phone to Apple’s unreleased iPhone, which is strange considering we know very little about the 6th generation iPhone.

There are plenty of reasons users are stating Galaxy S3 disappointment and these include 2GB of RAM rather than the 1GB offered, a Super AMOLED Plus HD rather than a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD, and 8MP rather than 12MP although camera pixels are more about quality than quantity.

Reasoning with Samsung Galaxy S3 haters – blogs are filled with potential Galaxy S3 buyers arguing with each other over the success of a phone that has not had time to prove itself, and those articles that compare the device to an unnamed “next iPhone” are being titled “iPhone propaganda“. It’s fair to say that Samsung is Apple’s biggest competitor and the next iPhone will need to deliver something special, especially for all those that felt the 4S lacked in changes to hardware and design.

The Galaxy S2 successor had a lot to live up to and this alone would be a major challenge for Samsung, although the list of reasons why it failed seems to be growing daily when we look at the majority of tech websites. While some people say fans are just blowing hot air, others have issues on their list that include a “plasticky” build quality, which has fans divided with those that see casing as a “non issue” and those that feel “Aesthetics always play their part in premium handsets“.

We find it hard to believe when haters state “Samsung is trying to cater to the Apple crowd” with features like S-Voice in response to Apple’s Siri, although this could be seen as a novelty feature and not one of the major faults being claimed with Samsung’s Galaxy S3.

Do you feel the Samsung Galaxy S3 failed to live up to expectations, or is this just hot air from those that never intended to buy the new flagship phone? You can see a preview of the Galaxy S3 in a video here via our earlier article.

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  • Kelvin Leung

    Samsung S3 where the “tranquillity design” focuses specifically for the Japanese crowd and the major Japanese mobile operator ditch the iPhone 4s and gone with S3 instead, which is why Samsung did a much earlier launch for LTE than iPhone 6th gen as expected where most western countries don’t even have LTE infrastructure and hence the Japanese version will get 2GB ram, because they depend on it.  Culturally and technological in Japan, iPhone is classed as an inferior design.

    iPhone 6th gen “should” be a better than S3, because of Moore’s Law and also Samsung has raised the bar as what an intelligent mobile communicator should be, while turning away some of the essential apps from Android and thus creating better system integration between software and hardware.  Apple are too heavily reliant on apps as suggested by Nokia and Windows, they think too much of themselves as a mobile PC rather than a communication device.

    S3 still class as an open source Android device for mass market or go with an executive iPhone product with a premium price tag (even though currently it lagged gorilla glass, where cracked screens becoming a bit of a joke on a premium product)

    Also, remember Samsung has it own R&D manufacturer of monitors for years, so no surprise super AMOLED without the plus are still better than retina display.  I do not know exactly why S3 allow iPhone 6th gen more room for competition with improved retina display 2 (whenever that maybe), but I do know it just some marketing driven reason.  The whole existence of iPhone were began by focusing heavily on user experiences with the advent of software and hardware integration, but after few years they have lost sight of that and S3 reminded them what the next iPhone should be.

    BTW, Some may say Siri is a too powerful for it own good, because it doesn’t work fully in most “other” countries.  Design moto KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

  • Aso

    Ugly are Large , in one word it is Disappointing !

  • mace

    not living up to all the hype.

  • Mohdamr1

    The S3 screen is my problem. Why not amoled plus?