PS Vita games and apps drought needs to stop

By Alan Ng - May 7, 2012

If you ask all PS Vita owners what their biggest disappointment is with the system at the moment, you can bet that most will say that a drought of frequent game releases since launch is probably the prime candidate.

Going back to launch, you could argue that the PS Vita had a better launch lineup than even the PS3. First party games such as Uncharted Golden Abyss, combined with top third-party releases such as Rayman Origins, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, FIFA and Virtua Tennis 4 ensured that players had a great selection of varied genres to keep them busy in the few months to come.

That was then though and four months to later we have hardly seen anything to get excited about. The Vita version of Mortal Kombat has just arrived though so that should keep Vita owners satisfied for a while longer before Sony’s crucial E3 event takes place next month when we’re expected to see much more titles announced.

Resistance Burning Skies is also looking promising for Vita owners, so hopefully Sony will make an effort to have at least one AAA title releasing every month for the system. The lack of game releases for the PS Vita certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed though, as even Nintendo’s legendary Shigeru Miyamoto has decided to chime in with his own thoughts.

In a recent interview with Edge, he said that while the system is good in terms of hardware potential, he feels that Sony are yet to find the right balance with software, as there isn’t enough quality games out for the Vita yet. We have a feeling that not many people are going to disagree with his comment, and Sony are obviously well aware that they need to do better if they are going to be successful with their new portable.

While we’re still content playing the likes of Rayman Origins, we would still like to see a YouTube app sometime soon. Skype was a nice addition, but new and frequent apps are definitely needed in our opinion. If you have a Vita at the moment, either WiFi or 3G, let us know what apps and games you would like to see. Do you agree with Nintendo, that Sony hasn’t found the ‘right balance’ yet?

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  • wakawasaka

    Completely agree that Sony needs to expand their horizons on the app front.
    I own a vita and own uncharted as well as escape plan and a fantastic game called hustle kings. I would like to purchase a couple of other titles that are good games but my 4Gb memory card is full and I refuse to purchase their overpriced memory pcards to do this. I believe this is a major impediment to my future purchases.

  • Yoko

    the people talking of it gathering dust..How many games have you guys bought? you guys are funny

  • Angelica


  • Sproesser

    I wonder if Sony opened the app store to developers the same way Apple did? If it is open, shouldn’t we be seeing all kinds of new apps? What about things like angry birds, words with friends, fandango, etc?

  • Joe1J

    Get some RPGs on it quick, something people would not lose interest in. Rayman origins and Uncharted, both great, but I’ve finished them. What now? Needs a Monster Hunter game desperately, I know it’s only a matter of time, but come on how long have the japaneese had monster hunter portable 3rd! (and yes Borderlands would be amazing, however unlikely)

  • Scott-iefox

    Flash, YouTube app, increased remote play functionality with existing psn/ps3 library, cbr/ebook reader app.

    Patapon, god of war, playstation smash bros, some more shooters, something innovative and unique to the vitas potential (I’m hoping lbp will start to utilize the interface options well! But a new vita ip would be great) and some more of the quality psn style games should be popping up! Trine, Outland and all the other pretty ones.

    Give me diablo 3 on ps vita and I’ll glue it to my hands.

  • altodude777

    needs flash so I can hold vita in my left hand and jerk off with my right

  • Ripley231

    More Shooters !!! Also YouTube and an improved browser with flash support go without much say. Maybe a Plastation Blog app, Hulu, and text chan on Skype would all be good fun

  • technopolitics

    Skyrim would be exceptional.  Lack of sleep might become a problem.

  • Zaugg3892

    I feel the same way …I would loooovvvee kingdom hearts on it thought…I have not got off my vital since the release of mortal kombat! !!!! Amazing game for anyone who has no played it ye…highly reccomended

  • Joandarc19

    I would love to see games like Kingdom Hearts or Skate or Ratchet & Clank or Force Unleashed or any Starwars games or kingdoms of amular.

  • Red_Mun-E

    Definately need a Youtube app. Also, what about something like a kindle app for books? And I love the elder scrolls games. Can you imagine Skyrim on the Vita?!? We need a call of duty game too. And i really hope it is NOT Black Ops 2. It just looks like halo and modern warfare had a kid. And I am NOT a halo fan! But as of right now I’ve been using my Vita a lot. Its my music/internet/gaming everything. Lol. I definately see a need for new games tho.

  • Ga5h

    my PS Vita makes a lovely paper weight on my computer desk. there is nothing of real worth playing no more… it needs psone games soon. and games like trine in the app store.
    I havent turned it on in months. The only time i have and i was disappointed with no more game releases

  • Steveni22

    In 4 month ps vita will have more top games than the 3DS did. Just patience till then so far I’ll be playing FIFA , rayman, uncharted, and mortal KOmbat!! The only reason you don’t have games is because you don’t buy them…. With mgs hd collection, resistance, and gravity rush all due in a month ps vita is starting to shine 🙂

  • Matt

    It sits on the shelf and collects dust. Todd, im with you 100%. Call of Duty, GTA & Tony Hawks are my 3 most wanted franchises that NEED to make it to the Vita. Backwards compatibility for THP8 & THUG2 on PSP & THPS 1, 2 & 3 on PS1 are needed. Badly.

  • Afds

    I’m regretting buying a VITA. It just sits there. 

  • PC

    Monster Hunter for the PS Vita is a must before I buy it for me and my step-brother, we also need a White PS Vita in the UK!

  • herc

    Sony needs more apps, like mail, sms texting app which would be good for 3g model.  Better game titles, remote play should be made full compatible.  If hackers can make it possible y cant sony do it too.  I think this itself will make Sony sales go up a lot.  Its Sony tho, which they want to suck all the money out of ur pocket.  They say they have the next few years planned out but i dont see anything. Its true that the vita is not balance it has potential but we will see what Sony does with it.  kinda dissappointed forthe mostpart

  • Drone45

    I personally would like to see a Ratchet & Clank game for PS Vita. I’m a fan of kid games.

  • Martin_camp

    now that we have the 2 analog sticks ea skate would be a nice one to see on the vita!
    more cross platform stuff, the release of the god of war psp games for ps3 are available but how about making them trophy compatable for the psvita too! or even adding trophies to the psp games that are available for the psvita, and in turms of apps use some that are available on the ps3 having a strong internet and online compatability on the psvita youtube, vidzone, and netflix would be something that you are able to do for the vita its just a case of it you do or not, the system is a huge step forwerds but when it comes to the browser and what you can do with that hasnt mooved forwerds at all. im sure enough people sed with the psp that the lack of java witch is a simple add on in an update that it should be added you would think that would of been something available on the psvita as released software!! a major update would be nice for the vita give us something exciting something to look forwerd to!!

  • NgTurbo

    Some great ideas there guys.. YouTube is badly needed. A spotify app would be pretty cool too. In terms of games, Tony Hawk would be a great idea, while I’d like to see that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game on Vita as well.

  • Working remote play so that I can play my ps3 games while I’m at work! This is the main reason i bought a vita and Sony still hasn’t given me what the promised.. Please Sony PLEASE!

  • I have the 3G/WiFi version and I really wish that there were apps for Youtube, Hulu+ and some sort of video/photo editing app. It’s great that Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Skype are on there, but that’s really only hald of the services. Amazon Instant Video would be nice too.

    In terms of games, a very good line-up would be Call of Duty: Black Ops II, GTA V: San Andreas Stories, Gran Turismo (Proper), LittleBigPlanet (Both regular and karting), God of War: Ascension, and PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale.

    With a line-up like that on both the game and app front, no one should be dissappointed.

  • Games like Dark Souls and Monster Hunter would be what makes me go buy one! I refuse to buy anything for it’s potential! I learned my lesson with the 3DS which was hell not having any software, but now enjoying it’s decent library of titles. Sony needs to put out games that are appealing and versatile. I wouldn’t buy a Vita for COD or Resistance, I would get one for action/adventure games, RPG’s, and anything unique. What I’m afraid of is that If Vita starts selling well because of FPS genre, I think that it would end up being no different than a portable 360 and I don’t want that! I want what Sony developers do best, RPG’s and action/adventure games.

    • Steveni22

      I own a vita and dark souls would be amazing but the least likely would happen. MH on the other hand is just a matter of waiting. 🙁 I would love to see borderlands come to vita 🙂

  • Nuclearmafia

    Of the launch releases, I bought 3 and of the 3 I liked playing ‘Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus’ because after playing it for the 360 as well as the ps3 it truly had me feeling like I was walking around with my ps3. I’d love it if released portable versions of the best classic console games. Not just the new sequels but downloadable port versions just like they do for psp titles. I’d love to play ‘Crysis 2’, ‘God of War 3’, or the first CODMW while waiting on line at the DMV or in the lobby of my doctor’s office. I fell in love with Ninja Gaiden all over again and It would be crazy if that could happen with other titles as well

  • Steveguevara

    Youtube app.. email.. more GPS games… silent hill collection HD.. dbz game exclusive for day vital.. a bleach nd one piece.. must have multiplayer

    • Stevenguevara

      I meant more fPS games

  • googleyes

    It really needs some games, high caliber ones. You can’t release a system, then expect everyone to buy it if you barely have any games coming out. People don’t buy a system to play it 6-8 months later, they buy it now because they want to play it now. Sony needs to get their act together and push developers to get some games out there.

  • Youtube and Windows Live Messenger and a better facebook(talking about speed). About games, I don’t know. I am new at Playstation world.

  • André Miguel

    I’m waiting for LittleBigPlanet Vita…but the game i most want to play in the ps vita is Sly Cooper (Collection and Thieves in Time)…

  • Gran Turismo, Modnation Online, Fruit Ninja it’s touch screen, and yeah youtube and really needs flash. The internet is built around flash.

  • Kevin

    For games, I find that it’ll be interesting if developers were to make a game like Dark Souls for the vita. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd would be an awesome addition too.

    Suggestion for apps:
    Note taking

  • Westy1234

    a full scale Gran Turismo

  •  hulu and crackle would be cool too 🙂

  • call of duty, gta and tony hawk