Dreaming of Black Ops 2 eight player zombie mode

By Alan Ng - May 7, 2012

We have some more juicy details to share on the upcoming zombie mode now that has already been confirmed to be featuring in the now official Black Ops 2. Treyarch are remaining quiet on their next zombie adventures for the minute, but new information gathered claims that Black Ops 2 will feature a zombie mode with support for up to eight players!

If you have played Black Ops to death, you’ll know that eight players in zombies is a massive thing, since we have traditionally only seen four players possible in each of the levels. We’re delighted to hear that Treyarch appear to have listened to fan requests for more players though, as CVG shares on some details they’ve received.

A new report by them references an insider who has already had some hands-on time with Black Ops 2 prior to the release date of November 13. Eight players have been mentioned, as well as the possibility of having several zombie game mode types. Thanks to the clever storyline in previous zombie levels which treated high level tech such as rayguns and transporters as normal, it should be no problem for Treyarch to switch their Black Ops 2 zombie mode to a setting which will be similar to the year 2025 year which we now know the main campaign and multiplayer will be set in.

Will we see the reappearance of past characters such as Dempsey and Richtofen though in the new zombie mode, or will Treyarch decide to really shake it up? If it’s true that eight players will be possible, then that obviously paves the way for brand new story characters to be implemented in the game.

Let us know what you would like to see in the new zombie mode. How does an eight player online zombie mode sound to you? It also suggests that Treyarch will be making zombies harder than ever too if there is more firepower around. Will we finally get to see big and nasty boss zombie characters? We hope so!

For those that are wondering – above is the first official zombies screenshot that Treyarch has released. It looks very Left 4 Dead like doesn’t it?

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  • snyper629

    yes people good points a hate the rage quitters that cant keep up with me but your chances of finding better players increases with 8 players i like to use the avoid this player button alot in zombie s  lobbies but i have met random people and got well into 40 s  and 50s  yes they need host migration and stop crying about finding good players as long as the host doesnt quit on round 57  i will play with whoever wants to get seriouse for about 10 hours cause thats what it takes to get into those higher rounds

  • Admir is an idoit

    Admir your dumb read it again and you will see that it is correct.

  • Carlos

    1st thing is to find 4 players with mics and no how to play the game is hard if you make it to level 25 with 4 players it gets so laggy if they make it 8 players they are going to kill zombies for a lot of people best way to play zombies is with 2 players the ranks say it all 8 players is a stupid idea

    • jo

      the only reason it is laggy is bc the sever they used could not handle the data being transmitted now that they are using the actual server to play there would be no problems with the lag and with different game modes that they may have a different way to play than just 2 ppl

  • Drmarvel1981

    i think that 8 player would be so cool but they should have a match maker so that u can find people with mics and so on hope they do preordered it so cant wait bring it zombies

  • Kevin

    I completely hate the idea of 8 player zombies. it takes 20 mins just to find a decent lobby like ppl with mics or are decent how hard and annoying is it going to be to find 7 other people? the only thing I want promised is the ability to PAP more than once, no matter what zombie map you can do every by like round 10 then its boring I don’t care how much it cost I want to pap the same gun.more than once

    • beevis

      kevin – 8 player doesn’t have to be for every mode/match – for example, 8player “last man standing” would be hella fun – and as far as i’m concerned, if i’m in there with a bunch of average players – then easy win for me. as far as random lobbies – my biggest concern is host migration – tired of people joining a match and then ending it when they leave.
      i’m sure there will be option for single, 2,3,4 etc. matches.

    • HG well?

       the 8 players are for u and ur friends.

  • Tray Caddy

    My concern is that it’s already hard enough to find 3 decent players to play with on online, But it would be nice to be able to play with a larger group of friends at a time. But new game modes

  • Googlehike1212

    shut up admir

  • Edit: “If you have played Black Ops 2 to death” for “If you have played Black Ops to death”.