Dreaming of Black Ops 2 eight player zombie mode

We have some more juicy details to share on the upcoming zombie mode now that has already been confirmed to be featuring in the now official Black Ops 2. Treyarch are remaining quiet on their next zombie adventures for the minute, but new information gathered claims that Black Ops 2 will feature a zombie mode with support for up to eight players!

If you have played Black Ops to death, you’ll know that eight players in zombies is a massive thing, since we have traditionally only seen four players possible in each of the levels. We’re delighted to hear that Treyarch appear to have listened to fan requests for more players though, as CVG shares on some details they’ve received.

A new report by them references an insider who has already had some hands-on time with Black Ops 2 prior to the release date of November 13. Eight players have been mentioned, as well as the possibility of having several zombie game mode types. Thanks to the clever storyline in previous zombie levels which treated high level tech such as rayguns and transporters as normal, it should be no problem for Treyarch to switch their Black Ops 2 zombie mode to a setting which will be similar to the year 2025 year which we now know the main campaign and multiplayer will be set in.

Will we see the reappearance of past characters such as Dempsey and Richtofen though in the new zombie mode, or will Treyarch decide to really shake it up? If it’s true that eight players will be possible, then that obviously paves the way for brand new story characters to be implemented in the game.

Let us know what you would like to see in the new zombie mode. How does an eight player online zombie mode sound to you? It also suggests that Treyarch will be making zombies harder than ever too if there is more firepower around. Will we finally get to see big and nasty boss zombie characters? We hope so!

For those that are wondering – above is the first official zombies screenshot that Treyarch has released. It looks very Left 4 Dead like doesn’t it?



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