Common sense with 2012 Apple MacBook Pro

By Daniel Chubb - May 7, 2012

Apple said the last MacBook Pro had game changing graphics and it’s fair to say the next incarnation is likely to bring more changes in this department, which will add more power for both the gamer and business user. Apple fans are certainly not in agreement with the finer details of a 2012 MacBook Pro, and while we all know Apple never comment on rumors some suggestions for the next model are well off the mark.

Dual hard drives are not very Apple – one rumor that spread like wildfire thanks to Reddit included the idea of a dual hard drive setup, which had been suggested by images submitted to the popular social link sharing website. It was pretty obvious this had been fan made thanks to the link stating, “what I think the new MacBook Pro should look like“, and the image (seen below) clearly doesn’t understand Apple.

Apple will not incorporate an SSD and normal HDD, and those that think like this are looking too much at the engineering side of Apple’s MacBook Pro’s. This type of design would hurt both the portability gains most of us are looking for and also battery life, which is needed for professionals and gamers alike. There is absolutely no sense in having two hard drives, especially when you consider what Apple historically aims for with their products.

Common sense with the new 2012 MacBook Pro – you can expect Apple to aim for a bigger battery for more juice, and this means getting smart with SSD for extra space and something like 256GB. Apple will not want two hard drives thanks to their push into using cloud storage, and obviously the need for creating more space from thinner laptops. You can also expect a higher efficiency CPU, no optical drive (some people will hate this idea), and a Retina display for something special.

Where this type of MacBook Pro will upset – those laptop users that want 1TB of internal storage will not like 256GB SSDs, and might feel they are being pushed to pay for cloud storage.

What do you consider as common sense for the Apple MacBook Pro in 2012?

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  • Noah Dropkin

    Sorry but you are wrong, Apple knows that power users want speed and storage, look at the mini. The dual hard drive feature has not been incorporated into any other computers because the mini was the last to have a major refresh. I am certain Apple will use a dual boot drive system for their higher end users. I believe that they will release a 15in macbook air though. Apple knows that the 15in pro is a professionals computer, why do you think they offer it with an upgraded gpu. Apple will not lose this chunk of their market, and today not having an ssd would be a major turn-off. years ago dual hard drives in a mac would have been a little far fetched. But times have changed, and so have ceo(s). Mark my words, we have a lot to take from the mini here, the new macbooks will have a dual boot system. 

    PS. otherwise they would offer icloud with more storage , btw if it dosen’t, it would continue to be slower than the cheaper macbook air.

  • [anonymous]

    Some of us still use optical drives. That’s like not selling DVD players when everything is still available on them.

  • MacDaddy

    I want to buy NOW, cash waiting Apple, when will you release it!!??

  • Mark cormack

    The iMac BTO has an option for both SSD and HD.

  • Mehdirf

    I’m tired of reading rumors, just waiting for release..
    I wish they remove hdd totally and add retina display, It will be great.

  • michaelkav

    No I agree 256MB is enough for most MOBILE work. Labs/Studios will still use iMacs/MacPros for all the heavy lifting. If someone wants to use a MacBook for a bit more heavy work well they always have a dock station “somewhere” they plug into (ext drives / internet / printers / scanners / audio etc etc). So 256MB SSD would be a fair enough kick start to moving over to these. It will take a few years to see affordable TB SSD’s so moving the SSD inside and the HD outside (ext/network/cloud) makes sense. Apple have it all tied up you will see. This is the first time Tim will have his hands on a MacBook of his own (if we get a redesign that is) so I think we will get some nice surprises here something to stamp his vision of Apple post Steve.

  • The 2 hard drives makes a lot of sense to me (from a consumer standpoint, not from Apple’s pushing us to the cloud standpoint). I have a 2010 MBP right now that I pulled the optical drive out of and replaced with a 750GB HD to go along with my 256GB SSD I have in there. This gives me the best of both worlds – awesome SSD performance for my OS and Apps, and plenty of storage for everything else I need to carry around with me. If the new MBP doesn’t have the Air form factor (which is looking less and less likely, then the only last wish I have is to at least get the Retina like display. That would make an upgrade worth while for me.

  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    Rumors, rumors, rumors

  • a_lx

    Ditto @Panelo:disqus  

    i’m sick of these recurring rumors anyway. just want an official release date. 

  • Guest

    These laptops are aimed at graphics and audio professionals. 256gb of hd space is a pittance and would be met with howls of both laughter and derision. 

  • I’m thinking dual drives might still be a possibility, but dual SSDs.  Dual 256GB SSDs would bring the total storage to half a TB, which is plenty of storage for graphics and gaming while keeping cost and power consumption down.  Like Panelo stated, I would also like to see a dedicated graphics card.

  • Panelo

    I am praying that those rumors of being limited to Intel integrated graphics are false. Ugh! Intel graphics?