Considerations for iOS 6 persist with rumors

By Daniel Chubb - May 6, 2012

Now we’re well into May it seems that WWDC 2012 is just moments away, and this also means a close look at iOS 6 if rumors are to be believed. While iOS 5 offered many improvements it seems there are plenty of features still lacking, which millions of iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad owners are crying out for, so what do you want from iOS 6?

The amount of blogs offering their ideas for iOS 6 is increasing, especially the closer we get to the next Apple event, and these include lists of suggestions, improvements, wishlists, and specific features demanded by users. One of the most wanted enhancements from gamers is support for controllers, which could see games like N.O.V.A. 3 – seen in the video below this article – shine with an iPad controller.

Today we wanted to show you some of the best insight into possible features for iOS 6, and some of these improvements have already been rumored by a number of sources, so they could very well be in the next iOS although others are pure speculation and very unlikely to come.

Michael Grothaus has offered 15 suggestions for iOS 6 and this list includes a request to open up Siri’s API, the idea of multiple users on iPad, Facebook integration, multitasking gestures for iPhone, AirDrop for iOS, Safari Top Sites, and a few more possibilities.

Jason D. O’Grady looks at 20 improvements for iOS 6 that include some seen before, although you’d also find other ideas like protection from rogue apps, an option for intelligent CallerID, text back a caller, the ability to permanently block voice spam, improvements to iOS printing, customizable lock screen, and more.

Thomas Claburn also repeats a few ideas for iOS 6 that we’ve heard before but also adds in some more innovation needed for the next software update, and these include Auto App Updating, a way to script app actions in iOS that are based on certain conditions, support for external storage, and an Intent System like Android Intents plus a few more suggestions.

What do you think is missing from iOS 5, and should be included in iOS 6?

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  • Thataboy85

    There should be call block on any device and I would also like to see intelli ID just to say a few!

  • Taghkanic

    Airplay. Airplay needs to be enhanced to natively do more of the stuff that people are now trying to accomplish with third-party workarounds (AirParrot, Soundflower, Porthole, AirFoil, etc.). 

    For example, they could revolutionize home theater setup if sound from a movie playing on (or via) the Apple TV could be mirrored on Airport Express speakers, along with any directly-connected audio devices. Better yet, allow iTunes or iOS to manage 7.1 surround sound across such devices.

  • I want my appointments and tasks for the day on my lock screen – exactly the same way it is done in Lockinfo.
    I thought iOS5 notifications was going to do this but the functionality provided is useless.

  • Bradley Kelly

    Libon Voicefeed allows you to read your voicemails as text. Even though this feature is still in it’s beta stages, it works really well,.

  • dodgebizkit

    I’d like a seperate list for iMessage users so you know who has it, and perhaps a way of knowing who is currently connected and who isnt.