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New rugged Thule case for 13 inch MacBook Pro plus an iPad

Those of our readers that decided a traditional laptop computer was still needed after buying the new iPad 3 might want a case to protect both devices, and Thule has offered this possibility in their new rugged case, which protects both an iPad and 13 inch MacBook Pro.

Titled the “13-inch MacBook Pro + iPad Attaché” and with a clamshell design, so you can use the MacBook Pro while it’s still inside the Thule case. We’ve seen the brand add a few models to its laptop protection line in the past, and Thule has become known for good protection thanks to their experience in cargo carriers and automobile bike racks.

Some of the main selling points include a horizontal elastic band to keep everything in place within the case, a design for all-weather use, a wider base for holding bigger power adapters, and excellent protection for your iPad within compressible foam padding and nylex lining.

Most of your portable gear should fit inside this case, which includes room for multiple power adapters, an iPhone, iPad, and of course the laptop. While many Apple fans are looking for cases that are water and impact resistant, sadly the design that Thule offer is not for everyone, although we find the $79.99 price pretty reasonable.

Have you gone tablet only already? You can see all the main features and a collection of photos on the official product page here, although we’d love to know your thoughts on owning both an iPad and MacBook Pro? In our opinion both are still needed although it’s hoped we, and other users, can make the full jump to tablet only computing within a couple of years. We also included a video of another case/sleeve by Thule, which should give you an idea on the quality this brand offers.



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