LG Optimus LTE2 boasts 2GB of RAM, Galaxy S III doesn’t

By Alan Ng - May 4, 2012

As expected, Samsung has finally taken the wraps of their next generation smartphone and unveiled the Galaxy S III. In a rather surprising twist though, LG has attempted to steal their thunder by announcing their next effort – the Optimus LTE2 which boasts a monster 2GB of RAM.

As most of you will be aware, this is breaking new ground in terms of smartphone hardware. The LG Optimus 2X was the first to unveil a dual-core processor in a smartphone and it looks like LG has managed to be first once again by successfully equipping a mainstream smartphone with 2GB of RAM.

The other areas of the device impress as well, with a True HD IPS display screen, wireless charging and a 2150mAh battery all confirmed. Unfortunately, what we don’t know yet is whether the device will have a quad-core processor. But with 2GB to utilize as well as Android 4.0, we very much expect so.

What will 2GB of RAM be able to achieve though compared to 1GB which is standard in all smartphones at the moment? You can be sure that the handset won’t experience any sort of performance slow-downs when opening up a series of apps simulataneously and switching between them at free will.

2GB of RAM also means great things in terms of graphic intensive mobile games as well. If combined with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor like the Optimus 4X, the LTE2 should be able to handle any mobile game the Google Play store throws at it period. Now that LG has managed to achieve the feat, it should obviously now open the floodgates for other manufacturers to follow. Samsung obviously missed out with their new Galaxy S III, but it may make up for that with performance capable from their own Exynos built quad-core chip.

What does 2GB of RAM in a smartphone mean to you? Does this now put the Optimus LTE2 ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S III for you, or does the amount of RAM not bother you too much in terms of hardware specifications? On a side note – Do you think it is a low blow by LG to announce their new phone on the very same day as the Galaxy S III?

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  • Graham Parkes

    Super happy with the specs of this iPhone 5 (and everything else) killer. I’m so glad that Samsung kept the microSD slot with support for 64GB cards and also kept the battery user removable. Those two features are critical for me. Samsung make the best screens, the Galaxy Note being the current king of mobile screens for sheer sharpness and vibrancy. Can’t wait to see how the SIII screen compares. Never impresario the hype about those tiny, dull and muddy looking iPhone screens.

  • Dodgebizkit

    The problem with this is android, it needs the high specs to run nicely bit isn’t optimised and so the great specs will suffer, however finally I am seeing some android phones that look tempting to buy as a third phone. I am sure that with Apollo update, wp7 will be right up there winning the specs war, and since, with even the poorest specs, have already won the user experience battle, they will be victorious. I can’t wait to see what apple bring out to counteract all of this in September, even though the 4S is no longer the most powerful benching device in the market it is still blazing fast and as far as I know, still even faster from a user perspective than these new quad core droid phones. The SG3 looks juicy as hell and I’m interested in trying that LG if it also has a quad core processor though. Gonna be an expensive year.

    • Dbrowne

      Although it is a delightful little device the 4s was never the most powerful through specs, benchmark or ui. sg2 had it beat 6 months before its release and the whole world outside of the US knows it. on the rare occasion that i use one i have always enjoyed the ui in wp7 though.

      • Dbrowne

        sorry went off track. am looking fwd to the new lg range. although they have had faults in the past through releasing devices to early they have usually proved to be a match for their rivals and well built to boot.