Elder Scrolls Online: Public boss fights, dungeons and pricing

By Alan Ng - May 4, 2012

We are still pondering over what Dawnguard could possibly entail in terms of Bethesda’s big Skyrim DLC tease. In the midst of all that though, another bombshell has just occurred – the official confirmation of The Elder Scrolls Online MMO game!

You may remember a few months ago that rumors started to surface on a possible MMO game for the Elder Scrolls franchise and obviously the rumors have now turned out to be correct. Confirmed in a Tweet by Bethesda, Elder Scrolls Online will be developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and the game will be releasing sometime in 2013.

Game Informer initially had the scoop on the story and the game has been confirmed to be featuring on the next issue of their magazine. However, a trailer as well as an initial screenshot should be available over this weekend which is exciting.

Before you all get your hopes up on this appearing on home consoles, it looks like this game will be developed for PC and Mac only. We also know that it will be set in Tamriel, 1000 years before Skyrim and the previous leaked information regarding three factions was correct – those being factions represented by a lion, a dragon, and a bird of prey emblems.

There’s obviously an endless amount of possibilities with an online Elder Scrolls games. The most obvious of which is playing the game with other people, for the very first time in the franchise. You’ll be able to explore dungeons with other players, fight for loot perhaps and take down massive bosses with a group of warriors – it is mouthwatering stuff.

We just hope that ZeniMax won’t go too overboard with their pricing for the game. Expect a monthly subscription for sure, but anything over $15 USD a month may start to raise one or two eyebrows. For now though, it’s best to just enjoy the announcement and now imagine a reality where you’ll be able to take everything that you love from Skyrim and share it with your friends.

Also, it’s probably safe to assume that you can kiss goodbye to your social life once this comes out next year. What is your initial reaction to an Elder Scrolls Online game? Disappointed that it is PC and Mac only? Looking forward to a closed beta? Share your thoughts below!

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  • UnpatrioticPig

    Bethesda won’t just ignore their console gamers; something will be released for them. The last time I played Elder Scrolls on PC was Daggerfell, since then i have only played them on XBox. Bethesda won’t deny thousands of fans this game. I have a laptop that won’t be abl to play this and there’s no way I’m buying a new PC -_-
    I’m excited to see if this new game features any of the currently unseen races. The Akaviri Ka Po Tun, Tang Mo, Tsaesci and Kamal would be pretty epic. I also would like to see that Vulpine race from Black Marsh and the Sload race. The Dwemer would be good too.
    I hope they don’t ignore xbox gamers. It best not be buggy either; i randomly had two werewolf form Sindings killing eachother in a prison cell during ther Hercine quest -_-

  • Billw001

    I will be building a new monster PC around that time. Sweet.

  • Chuffed whippet

    This justs shows pc gaming is not dead. Consoles take a back seat for once. Consoles are treated to tiger woods, pc gamers are treated to elder scrolls mmo. Anything the console can do the pc can do better. Better graphics better frame rates better game period. Why anyone would bother with anything else is beyond me