Skyrim Dawnguard DLC teases Vampires, release exclusivity

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2012

Bethesda had warned that their incoming DLC tease would be just that, a tease, but they definitely know how to take anticipation to the extreme. As previously revealed, the first Skyrim DLC expansion will be called Dawnguard and thanks to a image that Bethesda has now released, there’s fair speculation that vampires may play a big feature.

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, gaze upon it once again above – it looks rather pretty doesn’t it? Unfortunately Bethesda gave no other additional details on the forthcoming DLC, only to confirm that more information would be coming at this year’s E3 expo in June.

If you study the image, you’ll see that the Nord fellow has glowing orange eyes. This is the same guy that has featured in other official images, but Bethesda are obviously placing a heavy influence on the fact that the guy has now been ‘possessed’ if you like. While still in a human state, natural assumptions point to some kind of new vampire content that Bethesda may be planning to deploy – especially if you picture the word ‘dawn’ relating to the fact that vampires don’t play well with direct sunlight.

Then of course there is the current existing town in Skyrim called Dawnstar which may also be linked to this Dawnguard content. Will we be seeing a brand new vampire class or faction? The image also features arrows as well which may be an indication that they are planning to include the crossbow weapon as seen in their excellent Gamejam preview video.

For those that have forgotten, Bethesda also felt the need to remind everyone that the first Skyrim DLC expansion will be a timed-exclusive for the Xbox 360. Just like Call of Duty, Xbox 360 owners will get the content first for a month, before Bethesda releases it for the PC and PS3. It’s not ideal obviously, but money definitely talks these days and it is a common occurrence in the industry at the moment.

Assuming that this content is directly related to vampires – would you be happy with that? When E3 lands, it will have been eight months since release don’t forget, so it will be interesting to see if fans will be satisfied with a vampire-related expansion pack to the game or not. Feel free to offer your opinions on the first expansion pack, based on the image that Bethesda has released.

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  • I do not believe for a moment this has anything to do with Vampires.The fact that Dovahkin is standing in direct sunlight instantly gives me that impression.

    I personally think this have something to do with the daedric lord Meridia. The weapon she awards us with on her task, “The Break of Dawn” is called the “Dawnbreaker”. Said weapon also glows in a very similar colour to the eyes shown above. Yet I dont recall Vampire eyes glowing in Skyrim, at all.

    Just like the Nightingales and their Prince Nocturnal, I believe that perhaps Dovahkin will become influencial in creating a sect for Meridia, who come to defend the realm from the Undead.

    Perhaps we are infact getting a Red Dead style Undead invasion (as the Dawnbreaker is their nemesis) and as Meridia is known as The Daedric Prince of Life, Enemy of the Dead, Lady of Infinite Energies. Energies = Glowing eyes.

    Just my theory, perhaps I have an too active imagination. But I just thought the dawnbreaker was one of the only cool unique parts of Skyrim and would love to see it expanded.I’d much rather all that than vampires, anyhow.

    •  That is a cool way of thinking, and now when you say it, i think it makes sense, and yeah, it seems cool! But a sect against undead? Vampires = Undead, right?

  • Sam

    It will take more than a month for Bethesda to iron out any bugs so thanks for beta testing the dlc for everyone else Xbox users.

  • Rdesa

    there already is a cure for vampirism, once you become a full vampire you get a quest if you want to cure it and can do this indefiantly

  • Well, if it’s just a TEASE i think they should drop it right out and not wait so long. Well ofcourse, if it’s a ‘tease’ that features a new storyline that takes several playhours to complete, i guess that’s ok. But then, if it’s still a tease.. what do we expect of oncommning DLC? That would have to be rather amazing then.

    Focusing on vampires would be cool i guess, if they add some kind of cure for vampirism.