Should Battlefield 4 join futuristic Black Ops 2?

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2012

After months and months of speculation, Activision has finally confirmed Black Ops 2 at last. It is coming on November 13 as expected, but to our surprise the game will actually be set in the future. Shock horror.

That’s right. It looks like that quadrotor flying drone teaser was the nail in the coffin, as the futuristic tech features in the world premiere trailer that Activision released during the playoffs.

If you pay attention to the opening of the trailer, you’ll see that the game is set in the year 2025. After watching The Avengers recently, we can’t help but notice that the building you first see at the start of the trailer bears a slight resemblance to Stark Towers! Back to the game though – how does a futuristic Black Ops sequel appeal to you after seeing the trailer?

Graphics don’t look particularly amazing, but then again it has always been about the gameplay. We’re getting really excited about the idea of using various flying mech and gadgets as new killstreaks in the game, not to mention things like plasma rifles that Treyarch can now put in the game.

There’s explosions galore in the trailer and towards the end another little surprise – horses. Will they be restricted to the campaign mode or will you be able to ride horses in multiplayer? – Sounds a little crazy we know. At the moment, there’s a lot of divide on whether a futuristic setting is good for Black Ops. However, after the arguably ‘disappointing’ MW3, a big shake up like futuristic warfare is just the change that the Call of Duty franchise needs.

What about Battlefield as well? We’re intrigued to hear what EA think of Activision’s sudden switch to a futuristic setting for Black Ops 2. If the game enjoys the same amount of success that the first Black Ops game did which it probably will, then don’t be surprised to see EA follow suit with a futuristic Battlefield 4 of their own. Would you like to see this happen as well, or would you be strongly opposed to the idea?

A zombie mode has already been confirmed for Black Ops 2 as well, but we’ll discuss that at a later point. Watch the trailer below if you haven’t already and let us know your opinions on Activision taking things into the future. Is this going to become a popular trend for the next generation of home consoles?

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  • Geordiedan89

    So like Battlefield 2142?…..

  • Lachie Rae

    Agreed with Dynasty2201. A futuristic Battlefield has already been done with BF2142, and there has been speculation of  “Battlefield 2143” coming out. This is not a case of Battlefield ‘joining’ CoD with a futuristic setting. Instead its a question of EA and DICE continuing with their previously-established futuristic setting, which may or may not have provided inspiration for Black Ops 2’s setting.

  • I think  “near future” settings work a lot better than the kind of future CoD is going with, its going to create a completely different kind of game and these kind of games already exist and obviously don’t hold the same appeal or we would be talking about that all year rather than the next CoD or Battlefield game…

  • Dynasty2201

    Clearly nobody here has played Battlefield 2142…

    Yet again, COD is uninspired and does something done before, only worse, as usual.

  • tiller659

    It should definitely take a stab at a futuristic setting. You could have the quadrotor for the recon class as both a mav type device but still have the ability to take down enemies with it as well. Another perk I think would be awesome would be the ability to fly a predator type vehicle with the engineering class. Or maybe not even a perk but a station you can simply go to. There is a lot they could do for building a futuristic type of game and still maintain that same original battlefield gameplay. Of course if it goes like all battlefield games we wouldn’t see it for another 2 to possibly 3 years.