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Graphics quality for Resistance Burning Skies debatable

If you have seen previous gameplay of upcoming PS Vita shooter Resistance Skies and wasn’t too impressed with what you saw, you’ll be glad to hear that fresh gameplay has now been released giving you the chance to see the latest build of the game in action.

Dubbed as the PlayStation Vita’s first true first person shooter, the game has obviously got a great deal of expectation to live up to, aside from the fact that it’s a Resistance game. Combine that with the fact that Burning Skies is not being developed by the usual Insomniac crew, but rather by Nihilistic instead who you may be familiar with if you have played PlayStation Move Heroes.

Previous showings of Burning Skies appeared to show some initial framerate issues, as graphics at the time really were not up to the Vita’s standards and definitely not on par with Unit 13 which is the only shooter out on the handheld at the moment. However, things have changed for the better a few months on and in a gameplay preview released by IGN recently, we see that the game is looking much smoother and a lot more distinguishable compared to its console counterparts.

The graphics are not mind-blowing by any means. We see some lovely touch controls implemented in the video and the popular Auger and Bullseye weapons are showcased nicely, but it does look a little flat in our opinion from the level shown in the video. When you see games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Rayman Origins showing off the Vita’s graphics potential in all its glory, should we perhaps have expected a little better from Nihilistic in the visuals department?

Having said that, it is the first portable handheld game utilizing dual analogue sticks, so perhaps it should be perceived as a very decent effort for being the first of its kind. Watch the gameplay for yourself below and let us know your impressions of the game so far. Resistance Burning Skies is out at the end of May – will you be picking this up or are you still holding out for the Call of Duty game on the Vita?



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