Ninja Gaiden 3 Ultimate Ninja DLC mode for hardcore only

We have some good news for all those die-hard Ninja Gaiden veterans out there. If you bought Ninja Gaiden 3 and was a bit disappointed over the difficulty cap in the game, you’ll be pleased to know that Team Ninja has now pushed out an Ultimate Ninja difficulty mode as free DLC.

Yes you heard that correctly, the new difficulty mode comes in the form of a piece of DLC that is available from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live marketplace. Once installing the DLC, the single player campaign will then update itself and you’ll be able to re-do your story path with Team Ninja’s hardest setting for the game.

While we’re glad to see this is a free download since it should have been available on the disc at launch, we’re very surprised to hear that it won’t be free forever. From May 24 onwards, Tecmo Koei has decided to charge a fee for the extra difficulty mode. With that in mind, you shouldn’t delay getting the update if you have the game, as you definitely won’t want to pay for it after this date.

Along with the Ultimate Ninja difficulty, Team Ninja has also brought a few more goodies to the game. You’ll be able to purchase new Ninja Trials and customization items as well for a price of 800 MS Points or $9.99. Finally, we’re pleased to see that a single-player demo will also be available on the respective marketplaces, giving you a sample of the first level in single-player mode which will offer three weapons for you to try out.

Ninja Gaiden 3 offers an online multiplayer mode for the first time and we’re interested to know what you think of it. We were not too impressed when we first saw it, but do you like it after having spent some time with it? How does Ninja Gaiden 3 compare to the last two games in your opinion?



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