New Black Ops 2 intel teases a release date

Activision may have already revealed that they will be unveiling the next Call of Duty game on May 1st, but it looks like one US retailer has jumped the gun rather early with regards to expected Black Ops 2 details.

Although Activision are still yet to confirm the true identity of their next Call of Duty game, it looks a forgone conclusion with everyone assuming that it will be Black Ops 2. The latest source to jump on the Black Ops 2 bandwagon a little early is none other than Target, as images have revealed not only the logo for the upcoming game, but also what appears to be a solid release date as well.

The image has been provided by IGN and it surprisingly reveals a ”II” next to Black Ops, rather than the number 2 which perhaps a lot of you were anticipating. Furthermore, Target’s retail listings also unveil a November 13 2012 release date for the game, a date which shouldn’t really come as a surprise since all Call of Duty games traditionally release in the first few weeks of November.

Is it impossible for Activision to hide away from this latest leak? Over on the official website, more classified images are starting to unlock, but the most notable so far remains the first image which seemingly unveiled a ‘quadrotor’ flying drone as a new killstreak for the game.

There’s not very long at all until the ongoing countdown reaches 0 and we can’t wait to see what happens. Any last minute expectations on the game, or are you fully expecting this to be very similar to the first Black Ops game? Don’t forget to check out a rumored weapon and perks list here – there’s some very interesting additions for sure.



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