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Fresh Ice Cream Sandwich update lands for Droid RAZR

April was supposed to be the month when Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX owners could finally enjoy an official update to Android 4.xx Ice Cream Sandwich, as promised to them when they first purchased their phone.

However, one month later and there is still no sign of an official update in sight. This is contrary to what is going on in the underworld scene as there are easily accessible routes to custom builds of Ice Cream Sandwich for the RAZR and RAZR MAXX.

Now though, we have details of a brand new ICS build that has become available and word has it that it could be as close as it gets to the final official build that Motorola will hopefully release sometime in May. The new build has been identified as build 6.14.84 and the download is available courtesy of

If you are interested in trying this out, you can head to their site for the links and instructions – they have stated though that you’ll need to be running build 6.12.181 in order to get this to work. It also appears that there are some bugs that have been discovered in the new build, with some installations not working.

With this in mind – we would say to hold off for now in case you end up with a bricked device that nobody wants to see. Considering that the official update was meant to be finalized for the beginning of April, it can’t be too long now until Motorola finally releases their update.

Do you wish that there was more communication between carriers and their customers with regards to software updates? Should it perhaps become a legal requirement that carriers need to provide an update schedule for customers before they sign a two year contract away?



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