BF3 Donya Fortress DLC gameplay carnage released

By Alan Ng - Apr 27, 2012

After previously showing off gameplay clips of Ziba Tower, we’re pleased to see that EA has now stepped up with their first gameplay unveil of Donya Fortress – the next map that will be featured in Battlefield 3 as part of the upcoming Close Quarters DLC expansion pack.

For those of you that aren’t aware yet, the Close Quarter pack will not feature the conquest game mode since all of the maps are of a smaller nature. Instead though, DICE will be offering a brand new mode called Conquest Domination and we see the first glimpse of it during the new gameplay.

Just like Ziba Tower, a heavy emphasis is placed on destruction and the theme of the map looks largely based on a typical presidential mansion, giving players the option of taking the battle indoors or outdoors. There’s some further evidence of the new SPAS-12 shotgun weapon, while we spotted the new AUG rifle as well.

Don’t forget that there will be 10 brand new weapons so we’ll try to bring you a list of those weapons as soon as we have it. If you’ve spotted any other new weapons that we didn’t see in the Ziba Tower gameplay, let us know your observations below.

The map looks to be around the same size as Ziba Tower so if you were previously unimpressed with Ziba Tower, you may not change your mind on Close Quarters after seeing Donya Fortress. In our opinion though, we can’t wait for the new expansion pack to drop. Close Quarters is going to offer up an entirely new gameplay experience to BF3 and it’s just the change we need before preparing for the next DLC pack Armored Kill which will return the gameplay to its roots with brand new vehicles.

What are your initial thoughts on the new gameplay? Are you really excited about Close Quarters as well?

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  • Dynasty2201

    DICE seem to have COMPLETELY failed to understand what the public wants.

    ”Metro is the most played…so people MUST want CQC maps! *ding* Jackpot!”…fail.  Metro is the most played for STAT PADDING, not because its a great map.

    I just want to cry at DICE and wake them up.

    This new expansion will be shotgun city, which is bad enough ALREADY before the new DLC.

    ”We want a fresh experience in Battlefield”, yeah, BIGGER MAPS would be nice.  But no, thanks to consoles, we’re stuck with this poor excuse for a DLC, and a complete fail in connecting with Battlefield’s core audience.

    • NgTurbo

      I’m wondering how big of a job it would be for DICE to get rid of some of those useless mountains on Kharg Island and add a scout helicopter to the map on PC have. Any thoughts?

    • Lorenzo

      don’t want it don’t buy it simple

    • Steveni22

      This is a smart move for DICE people. Don’t you see many MW players will Be switching over to BF.. For me MW2 was the best FPS never bothered to play BF but then came this beautiful game and now that little “ maybe I should get mw3,” is gone. Gladly purchasing the DLC!!!

  • Adcoy

    love it.  MW3 is a lame excuse for a video game.  Congratulations on DICE on showing just how high the bar can be set.  You game engine shines at epic scale battles as well as close quarters action.  Keep up the good work.

  • Ed_Knight

    I own COD, I own BF3…if I want this type of gameplay I’ll play COD. A complete waste of effort and drain on the already frayed goodwill of their fans by DICE. Congrats.

  • tiller659

    It’s going to be nice playing a different style of maps for BF. I love the big open maps with vehicles but this is going to be a nice change of pace. Hope they designed the maps to still be open enough that only shotguns will be used. Otherwise this map pack might be hard to play.

  • You would better playing temple run