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Samsung finalizes Ice Cream Sandwich update list for 2012

Earlier this week we gave you the good news that Samsung had confirmed that Sprint devices such as the Epic 4G Touch and the Nexus S 4G would be receiving an update to the latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Now though, we’re pleased to report that Samsung has now given handset owners a much clearer indication on what the year holds with regards to whether your device is in line to receive an upgrade to ICS or not. The good news, is that it looks like a lot of you are going to be happy as the list of devices to be updated is a lengthy one.

Aside from the Epic 4G Touch and the Nexus S 4G as mentioned above, Samsung has now provided some information for Verizon and AT&T customers who are seeking a status update for their device. Starting with AT&T, Samsung has committed to updating the Galaxy Note, Captivate Glide, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the Galaxy S II.

Some of you on Verizon however may be disappointed to find out that Samsung are only planning to upgrade the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 7.7, meaning that devices such as the Stratosphere and the Droid Charge will not be getting any further support it seems – in an official capacity anyway.

Unfortunately, Samsung has provided no handsets on T-Mobile that are due for an upgrade. Whether this means that they are simply not getting an update remains to be seen, but they have said that they are in communication with the carrier at the moment and will be providing future details on this soon.

What are your thoughts on the list? We’re very surprised that the Samsung Stratosphere isn’t deemed worthy enough to be getting an upgrade, considering it only launched at the end of October last year. Is this a firm kick in the teeth from Samsung in your opinion? Unsurprisingly, there’s no solid date for any of the updates, but you should be just thankful that a list has been released given Samsung’s reputation on software updates.

Check the official list here.



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