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FaceVault brings a taste of ICS to iOS Face Unlock fans

If you are an avid iOS user, but have always thought that the Face Unlock feature within Ice Cream Sandwich on Android was impressive, we have some very good news for you indeed by way of a new app called FaceVault.

It turns out that one clever developer has managed to create the same experience on iOS and after months of struggles in trying to get the app approved by Apple, it’s now available to download on the app store.

You don’t even need to have a jailbroken device either which may surprise one or two of you. The feature essentially works the same way in which Face Unlock works on Android, as FaceVault will allow you to unlock your device using your picture only. The app also features a pattern unlock mode as well, just in case there are any moments when the app won’t detect your face correctly.

Before you all rush out and download it though, you should be aware that this isn’t a free app. The developer Robert Neagu is seeking a $0.99 fee for the app and for it to recognize your face correctly, you’ll also need an active internet connection. The official notes accompanying the app also states that ‘somebody who looks similar to you’ may be able to unlock the phone as well, so that’s something to bare in mind.

A lot of you are pointing out that the app also takes considerably longer to scan and unlock the device than it does on Android. Being an unofficial app this was probably inevitable, but just having this functionality on iOS is a great little addition for those that love to show off new phone features to your friends.

Check out the rather nice demo video below and let us know your thoughts on the app. Would you be willing to pay $0.99 to have a little taste of Ice Cream Sandwich on the iPhone? Do you think that now Apple has approved it on the App Store, they will be planning to make an official version in the future?



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