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DJ Max Technika Tune track wishlist on PS Vita

We have a much needed update for those of you who are die hard DJ Max fans. We haven’t heard too many details on the upcoming PS Vita game, but now we know that the game will be officially called DJ Max Technika Tune.

Previously, the game was just known as DJ Max Technika but Pentavision has now decided to give the Vita title an exclusive name, and they’ve also confirmed that the game will be available to play this Summer.

If you have been keeping an eye on the game, you’ll know that it is essentially a port of the popular arcade game that is currently available. The Vita version will also feature some unique gameplay elements to utilize the touchscreen, as well as new features using the Vita’s rear touchpad as well.

So far, there’s no indication on what tracks will be featured in the game, but Pentavision has promised that the game is set to include the biggest amount of tracks seen so far for a DJ Max game, so that’s great news. We’re guessing that a mix of all of the tracks featured in DJ Max Portable 1, 2 & 3 will make it into the game, and also some new tracks which will be exclusive to the Vita version.

As a big fan of the franchise, I’d have to say that M2U and Nien are two of my favorite composers so I’m hoping that all of their tracks will be included in the game. To name a few, I’m talking about the likes of Space of Soul, Memoirs, Seeker, Nightmare and all of the catchy NB Ranger songs. We’re also hoping that the developers do not tone down the difficulty of the game just to accomodate new Vita owners who are new to the franchise.

Including a beginners mode is fine, but we hope they bring back 8 button mode which they removed from DJ Max Portable 3 in favor of the Remix mode. There is definitely a cult following for the DJ Max franchise and we’re also willing to bet that a lot of you will be buying Vita systems just to play this game.

If you’re a big DJ Max fan, let us know what music you want to see in the game. Who are your favorite composers? If you’re looking for a DJ Max mobile fix in the meantime, you may want to install TapSonic as that is pretty good, while Cytus is a nice alternative as well.



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