Crysis 3 may break graphical boundaries on console

By Alan Ng - Apr 25, 2012

When the next Crysis game releases, you just know that it is going to be there or there abouts in terms of matching some of the best console graphics that will be seen in 2013. However, Crytek are feeling very confident indeed by already confirming that one of their primary objectives for Crysis 3 is to make it the best looking game in gaming history period.

It goes without saying that this is a bold statement indeed, but after seeing what Crytek were capable of with the first Crysis game on PC that blew everyone away, who’s to bet against them in saying that they won’t be able to achieve their goal?

Crytek’s Director of Creative Development Rasmus Højengaard made the statement in a recent interview with GamerZines. As well as aiming for the best looking game ever made, he revealed that Crytek are also looking to ‘push’ the technology as much as possible. It may seem a bit optimistic after mixed opinions about Crysis 2 which arrived on console, but there’s no doubt that the first gameplay trailer released for Crysis 3 is nothing short of mouthwatering.

The visuals are looking first class and dare we say it puts Modern Warfare 3 to shame in a direct comparison of graphics quality. The game will utilize the new CryEngine 3 and along with The last of Us, it looks like we have two upcoming games (on PS3 anyway) that will seriously push the boundaries on what the PS3 can still produce, eight years on since its launch back in 2006.

Watch the announcement trailer below for yourself and tell us if you think Crysis 3 is on the right track in becoming ‘the best looking game ever’. If you disagree with Crytek, what game do you think currently owns this title? There’s no word on if this is PC graphics we’re seeing here, or console. Perhaps Crytek will shed some light on this in their next reveal for the game.

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  • Cash is King

    Maybe Alan compared it with MW3 because that is THE BEST SELLING GAME IN HISTORY. Therefore, fanboys and PC snobs and everything aside, the one truly independent measure has MW3 as a benchmark. Sales are the best benchmark because the true measure of a person’s real desire for a game is whether they are willing to part with their money to obtain it. So Crysis 2 had better graphics, so does BF3. Blah, blah, blah. As they say in sport, look at the scoreboard. Think what you will if you are a tall poppy hater, but don’t question the author’s comparison with the best selling game in history.  Newsflash -Software developers and publishers are in it for the money, like all businesses. Like the businesses who take thousands off PC fanboys for their hardware, if it don’t sell it is a failure irrespective of FPS or graphics or other boxes ticked. Besides, Alan’s comparison was that Crysis 3 had much better graphics. Let’s just see if Crysis 3 sales added to the BF3 sales even comes close to the success enjoyed by MW3. Will PC gamers just dl Crysis 3 like they did with Crysis 2, or will they actually pay for it this time around.

  • Dynasty2201

    ”The visuals are looking first class and dare we say it puts Modern Warfare 3 to shame in a direct comparison of graphics quality.”

    *sprays coffee over screen*

    Ahahahahahaahaha.  What a load of crap.  Comparing MW3 to Crysis????? Ahahahahaaha.  MW3 is NOTHING compared to games these days.  Its a 7 year old engine, how in any world is any CoD game a good looking game!? Ahahaha.

    Anyway. Aahah.  Oh god, that really tickled me.

    Look at Crysis 2.  Gorgeous but still limited on PC.  Severly limited on consoles.  Now they’re releasing Crysis 3 and everyone is orgasming over the graphics.
    Err, news flash, that footage is clearly from the PC.  Consoles will always look worse.  God, get over it already.  Crysis 3 will not look as good on consoles as the trailers.  Ever.

  • James

    Did you seriously just compare crysis 3 to call of duty? A game that runs on a SEVEN year old graphics engine? Crysis 3 will run on cryengine 3, which is nowhere near as good as cryengine 2. If anyone expects it to look better than crysis 1, it’s because they know nothing about graphics hardware and graphics engines. Pathetic. Also, crysis is obviously the best looking game ever invented. And until crytek stops making crappy console ports, that will be the same. (Unless unreal engine 4 beats cryengine 2)

  • Sam

    PR bullsh*t, last time they said the PS3 version would better than the one on PC. Now we know it turned out.