Black Ops 2 quadrotor killstreak and zombies theories

By Alan Ng - Apr 25, 2012

Activision are pressing forward with their marketing campaign for the next Call of Duty game, as the blurred image from last week has now been revealed. It links to a very interesting video which may have just confirmed that zombies will be returning once again for the new game.

To recap, Activision announced a May 1st reveal for the next game, along with a series of classified images. The first image has now been unveiled as a ‘prototype quadrotor’ flying drone device, which comes attached with a camera and machine gun.

The immediate thing to note here, is that this is a futuristic weapon. Obviously we’ll need to wait for further clues, but could we be possibly be seeing the next Black Ops game which is actually set in the future this time around? Much more exciting for us though is the inclusion of a zombie dinner party in the video, in which the demonstrator from FPSRussia uses the flying quadrotor to blow the zombies up in spectacular fashion.

Another possibility that may come to light, is that this is actually a viral video to show off one of the new Killstreaks that will be featured in the game. We had the RC buggy with a camera mounted on it in Black Ops, so this flying device with a camera and machine gun mounted instead sounds like a perfect Killstreak to us. One thing that Activision are definitely pointing out though is that this thing is deadly, so we’re guessing it may be one of the later Killstreaks if our theory is correct.

Let’s hope that we get the next classified unlock today so we can continue to unravel the mystery. Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts / ideas on it. Do you agree that this would be the perfect Killstreak, or are you more inclined to believe that this confirms a future settings for the game? A zombie poker party! Does it get any more clearer than that? Don’t forget to check out the rumored perks and weapons list here.

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  • Youngscrips

    I hope it is set in the near future. That gun is amazing. Can’t wait to see more.