Potential Black Ops 2 weapons and perks list excites

By Alan Ng - Apr 24, 2012

We may have a rather tasty treat for all Call of Duty fans now, as an initial list of weapons and perks that will be included in the upcoming Black Ops 2 game has apparently been leaked online.

Given that some of the recent Black Ops 2 rumors have proved to be incorrect, you should obviously take the following information with a pinch of salt. However, there’s no denying that whoever has posted the list has obviously gone into great detail, so that may provide a solid amount of evidence that it could be real.

To get started, the information was found on a German forum and discovered by MP1ST. A perk list has been compiled along with their relevant ”Pro” unlocks and it references new perks such as Spy, Audiophile, Escape Artist and Diver. Spy will allow you to appear as a friend on an enemy’s radar, while Audiophile will allow you to spot silenced weapons on the radar. Escape Artist adds the brilliant idea of being able to ‘fake death’ while prone, and finally Diver will allow you to shoot whilst dolphin diving.

These are just a few of the perks mentioned – there’s a full list below to read through. Some of the ideas this time around are pretty exciting, such as Bladesman – giving you two knives instead of one and Pilot, where any air Killstreaks will count towards your next Killstreak.

A list of weapons has also been disclosed, although we’re not sure if this is the final list or just what has been confirmed so far. Some of the rifles include the AR-18, Valmet M60, R1 Rifle, AK47 and Commando. However, there is no mention of favorites such as the ACR or M4A1 rifles.

Sniper rifles listed include the M76, SVD, model 700, PSL and the returning PSG-1. There’s also a mention of a Stinger launcher in the explosives category, meaning that players will be able to take out aircraft which is always a good thing.

Just to reiterate, there’s no guarantee that this information is correct, but the perks list does look believable so it’s worth a look. Have a look at the full perks and weapon chart here and let us know what you think of it. Which new perk appeals to you the most? We really like the idea of the Spy and Diver perks, so we hope that these are confirmed at least.

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  • Alsamawi

    Looks bieliveble except the escape artist perk

  • Chicosuave123

    Wow sounds like these guys are taking a lot from battlefield, and implementing it into a call of duty title. Cool

  • Jdkskdnfnd

    Why would they add modern weapons like the M4 or ACR? The game is set in the 70’s, not 2000’s, so those guns would not even exist yet. Whoever writes these articles is extremely undereducated. Pint of salt?

    • NgTurbo

      What’s to say that they won’t make Black Ops 2 a modern-era game? Some people may prefer that.

    • right.

      haha, you don’t know that bro. Watch the FPSRussia vid, there is a new killstreak that won’t be available for use for another 15 years. What does that say about when the game takes place. By the way, that video was posted on the cod website and was sponsored by Activision, so its legit.

    • right again.

      by “use”, I mean use in real life by the military.

    • NgTurbo

      How do you feel after your personal attack? Black Ops 2 is set in the future. Case closed my friend.