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Samsung Galaxy S III video preview overshadows countdown

Samsung may be preparing to reveal their Galaxy S III in a public capacity on May 3rd, but it looks like the device has now been the subject of a major video leak, with a notorious Vietnamese website the culprits.

How does the name Tinhte sound to you? If you often keep an eye on Apple product leaks, you’ll know that the site has been responsible in the past for delivering accurate information on Apple devices months before the company released them.

Well they are now back in the limelight, with a video unveiling of a device that they are claiming to be the Galaxy S III. It certainly looks very real and there’s even a demonstration of the device running a quad-core processor with 1.4Ghz per core according to some settings shown.

Other specs revealed in the video include an 8 megapixel camera, a 4.6-inch display, NFC support and 1GB of RAM. What we’re really pleased about though is the fact that the device is thought to be packing a 2050 mAh battery, which is an obvious improvement on the 1650 mAh battery that shipped with the original Galaxy S2.

Another interesting talking point is the design of the device, as we can see in the video that the phone does not have any physical hardware buttons. Instead we see capacitive touch buttons for the menu icons, which obviously contradicts previous Galaxy S III rumors that claimed the device features a larger physical home button instead.

Is this actually the Galaxy S III or just another Galaxy variant from Samsung, which still warrants the ‘meet the next Galaxy’ tag which the company are parading around at the moment? Right now there is a countdown taking place here which reveals that we are just hours away from finding out what the surprise is all about. Has this video leak spoiled the surprise for you? Watch it below before it’s removed and let us know what you think about it.



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