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Anticipation builds for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

It looks like Sony really are planning to release a Super Smash Bros style game exclusively for PlayStation 3 owners. More clues have turned up over the weekend, including a domain name now which has officially been registered by Sony.

You may remember that we recently informed you about a survey that Sony was apparently conducting, in which they were asking gamers what they thought of a game with the title ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’.

At the time we were thinking that the name is a bit long winded, but it seems that Sony may be pressing forward with the long title, after the discovery that the company has now obtained a domain name. The website now officially belongs to Sony Computer Entertainment America as noted by Joystiq, and it is looking very likely that this is the same game that was originally unveiled as ‘Title Fight’.

Furthermore, we’re hearing that this game may even be unveiled this Thursday, during a special episode of GTTV. If true that’s pretty massive and very surprising, as you would have assumed that such a reveal would be saved until their E3 press conference which we now know will take place on June 4th. After the unveiling of God Of War: Ascension last week – what does Sony have left to reveal for the event? We would at least like some things to be kept a secret if possible.

What do you make of the name as well folks? PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is a bit too long in our opinion – what’s wrong with just ‘PlayStation All Stars’? That’s a much better sounding title we reckon, so let’s hope Sony are still reviewing this.

The game is seemingly on the way, so what characters are you looking to see? Abe from Abe’s Odyssey? Heihachi Mishima from Tekken? The possibilities are endless on this game and if it plays in a similar style to Nintendo’s Smash Bros franchise, consider us very interested.



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