Timing of Skyrim DLC, possible eight month wait at E3 2012

By Alan Ng - Apr 20, 2012

So the hunt for Skyrim DLC goes on it seems. After teasing gamers with an upcoming announcement which everyone thought was related to DLC, we were actually treated to a brand new trailer for Bethesda’s other game instead – Dishonored.

It goes without saying that they are taking their time on the new content for Skyrim. It has been six months since the game released in November and aside from numerous patch updates and the Creation Kit for PC users, console players have had little to get excited about.

Could it be that all the excitement about new content is actually turning to frustration? After it was revealed that Bethesda had trademarked the name ‘Dawnguard’ all sorts of speculation started to fly around, with many believing that the Mythic Dawn cult group from Oblivion would play some part in the first expansion pack.

Talking about expansion packs, it does now look certain that the first piece of DLC won’t be on the minimal side. Bethesda had teased the idea of add-on content being substantial, and it looks like Skyrim players are going to see content on the scale of the brilliant Shivering Isles pack that released for Oblivion.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be enjoy the content at the same time though. The Elder Scrolls franchise has fallen victim to the Call of Duty exclusivity plague and it means that Bethesda will be releasing the new content on the Xbox 360 first for a month, before those of you playing on PS3 and PC can access it.

It’s not an ideal situation obviously and there is bound to be ton of jealousy when the pack finally does surface. With just two months to go before E3 2012, could Bethesda actually be keeping gamers waiting until then to announce their DLC plans? If they have made gamers wait six months so far, it wouldn’t surprise us if we had to wait another two months as after all – E3 is the grandest stage of them all to make announcements.

What are your honest opinions on the lack of DLC for Skyrim at the moment? It seems unheard of for a modern game of this generation to not provide any additional content after six months. Are you bothered by the wait, or are you happy for Bethesda to take their time on it? Are you contemplating an announcement at E3 2012 now, or do you still think the content will be announced before?

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  • Dragonlord

    At first I was upset about the wait, but the more I think about it the idea of waiting a few more months is not so bad, if Bethesda is making some kind of massive DLC expansion i want it to be done right ive all ready perfected my nord, lev 80 over 170k gold married, all the houses, all the achevments, awesome armor and weapon ratting as well as just basic weapons, so im all set up for whatever they put in my way bring on the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toed

    This is why an eight month wait is a bad idea. I’ve said, “the longer they wait, the higher people’s expectations will be.” and now we have people expecting Morrowind and Cyrodiil. I can just about guarantee that they won’t be releasing anything on that scale, and I was honestly a little disappointed when I heard it would be roughly the size of Point Lookout or a bit bigger. If people don’t have sky high expectations, they’re ready to give up on Skyrim altogether. And why not? There are plenty of great games out there. Worst of all is that Bethesda won’t confirm or deny people’s erratic guesses at what Skyrim DLC will be, so people’s hopes are only gonna get higher. Personally, I will be happy to see anything new added – even if it’s not a new province.

  • Seraphim_Falconus

    Please, guys, think before you post.

    Bethesda isn’t going to release full provinces as DLC and you shouldn’t want them to. Full provinces get their own games. The one exception would be Morrowind, since it was destroyed and is no longer a full province. In fact, “Wasteland Morrowind”, with just a few NPCs struggling to survive its harsh environs, sounds like the best possible idea to me.

    But if it’s an updated, fully populated Cyrodiil you want, prepare to wait a LOT longer than 8 months. More like several years.

  • Secretn1njaman

    I think Bethesda has taken an arrow to the knee…

  • jswalker95

    i am thinking about selling the game bc it is just sitting on my desk.got board of it. wont sell it if get dlc soon though :l

  • GOBLINS!?!?

    Are those goblins? Is dat a mod?

  • elonca1

    Well, I don’t really think its smart to wait this long. Me and all my friends who have this game, love it. I only had one full playthrough, but that included ALL guilds and sidequests, bar the Empire (as I was in the Stormcloaks) and the main quest, marriage, buying three houses, maxing all of my mainly used skills etc. So its fair to say, I love the game. But I finished with it two months ago, and havent touched it since. Personally, the land is too bleak and grey to make me want to just aimlessly amble around like in Morrowind or Oblivion, and with no new quests or lands, I just dont feel like I want to play it anymore. Having said that, if half the stuff from the game jam and/or Morrowind and Cyrodil are the DLC, it’ll be worth a 6 month wait – but 8 months with no word to the fans? Bad move by Bethesda – lots of people I know are going to trade their game in if by 1st May, we have no news of DLC.

  • Notafriendofafoe

    i will only be happy if they give us ALL of morrowind cyrodill and not just parts of the areas. for those areas are huge if you base them off of skyrim alone. hopefully they’ve been working there butts off im on my 4th playthrough but my fourth person ive not done any MAJOR lines im just doing all of the side quests before choosing a side to see how much i can do before patch comes out im currently at 2k+ missions completed for sidequests. well they do try to please us gamers maybe if they didnt screw up there “code” in the game in the first place maybe we’d have it already but oh well. if you dont know what i mean by “code” dont worry about it. its all your glitches that you found like lingering quests, dragons flying backwards, arrow (fletching)  recipes but cant make arrows things like those.

  • hurry up…

    this wait is pissing me off… me and a lot of ppl are on the same page, no dlc by the end of the month im getting rid of the game. it would be differant bethesda would give the people a clue as to whats going to be in it, but they keep playing cryptic word games…. i love the game but im done waiting. this is starting to shape up to be another fallout new vegas situation.

    bethesda if your reading this you got till the end of the month…

    • Ja

      Er… no dlc and you’re getting rid of the game? Seriously? …Huh?!?

      • Seraphim_Falconus

        The only one who will suffer for his ADHD is him. He’ll end up having to buy the game twice when the massive, game-changing DLC comes out. Then he’ll complain about that. Kids from the suburbs need to invent first world problems to make their lives more dramatic.

  • Garrett Rill

    the dawnguard thing, just because it has the dawn name in it, does not mean mythic dawn. there are plenty of things that have the dawn in it. just a bunch of elder scrolls noobs.

    • Iratephilosopher

      Totally agree. Personally I think it refers to a place of some sort like, for instance Riverwood, Whiterun, Winterhold and so on. If you notice all of these are made up of two seperate words meshed together kind of like dawnguard. The name sounds like some sort of fortress to me (maybe something held by the thalmor). Its just my speculation of course but I don’t think it in any way involves the mythic dawn. To be honest I hope it doesn’t because they beat that horse to death in oblivion. Also, all we really know is that it was trademarked/copyrighted or whatever so it might be something related to dishonored for all we know, though admittedly it does sound elder scrollish.

  • Ronnet

    At first I was happy that they didn’t release a bunch of weak packages within the first few weeks/months.

    However now it is just taking too long. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily wait for a big add-on but why couldn’t they release a bit of small (and free) DLC as well? Nothing fancy, maybe a few new buyables houses for the other 4 cities/towns or a barbershop where you can change your hairstyle/battlepaint. Or add a few simply quests to fill up the weak line-up of guild-related quests.

    If this DLC turns out to be only semi-big or it being mostly isolated from the rest of the game than it will be a disappointment to many. Having people wait for any news for so long just isnt smart.

  • Briggsy

    haven’t played skyrim for a while because ive hit level 50, done all main questlines, bought houses, levelled skills i don’t even use…… i could do with the dlc now to give me more to do besides hunting bandits in various caves and ruins

  • Wiese473

    the longer the wait, the better content. they take pride in the games and dlc they make. ir rather wait 8 months then 6 month for dlc that took 10hrs to beat. So bring the pain, im willing to wait. im on my 3rd play through already with that being said, i cant wait for the dlc.

  • Crackalackin

    The longer the wait the better the DLC *should* be. If they make us wait till E3 for it, but the DLC is all of Morrowind/Cyrodiil/Hammerfell like has been rumored, then I’ll be satisfied. 

    • Toed

      I agree with you completely:)

  • Secretn1njaman

    Same here! I’ve been waiting since the beginning of the year. I thought that they would at least release some of the smaller add on like battle thorn castle or frostcraig spire but nooooo. Maybe they should hire these modders to do there job for them. Lol

    • Notafriendofafoe

      who’s to say they dont hire those modders ? wouldnt that be an interesting turn of events.

  • Toed

    I’m hoping against hope that they’ll release something soon. I’ve been checking google news daily (sometimes more than once, depending on how slow the day is going) since February. You hit the nail on the head with frustrating. After a six month wait, when we’ve seen the quality of the content they can produce in just one week, I expect no bugs. I know that Bethesda won’t let me down and that whatever DLC they make will be well worth the wait. However, many people have already moved on to other games and if there is an eight month wait, I wouldn’t be surprised if even more followed suit. I hope Bethesda realises that the longer they wait, the higher people’s expectations will be.

    • guest

      hey man welcome to my world i feel how you feel religiously readin the news of a DLC for skyrim but i agree with you skyrim DLC will be worth the wait. idk if this is true or not but arent they gonna incluse some regions that border the land skyrim like cyrodill, hammerfell, or morrowind cause ive been hearin  alotta talk about it?