Timing of Skyrim DLC, possible eight month wait at E3 2012

So the hunt for Skyrim DLC goes on it seems. After teasing gamers with an upcoming announcement which everyone thought was related to DLC, we were actually treated to a brand new trailer for Bethesda’s other game instead – Dishonored.

It goes without saying that they are taking their time on the new content for Skyrim. It has been six months since the game released in November and aside from numerous patch updates and the Creation Kit for PC users, console players have had little to get excited about.

Could it be that all the excitement about new content is actually turning to frustration? After it was revealed that Bethesda had trademarked the name ‘Dawnguard’ all sorts of speculation started to fly around, with many believing that the Mythic Dawn cult group from Oblivion would play some part in the first expansion pack.

Talking about expansion packs, it does now look certain that the first piece of DLC won’t be on the minimal side. Bethesda had teased the idea of add-on content being substantial, and it looks like Skyrim players are going to see content on the scale of the brilliant Shivering Isles pack that released for Oblivion.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be enjoy the content at the same time though. The Elder Scrolls franchise has fallen victim to the Call of Duty exclusivity plague and it means that Bethesda will be releasing the new content on the Xbox 360 first for a month, before those of you playing on PS3 and PC can access it.

It’s not an ideal situation obviously and there is bound to be ton of jealousy when the pack finally does surface. With just two months to go before E3 2012, could Bethesda actually be keeping gamers waiting until then to announce their DLC plans? If they have made gamers wait six months so far, it wouldn’t surprise us if we had to wait another two months as after all – E3 is the grandest stage of them all to make announcements.

What are your honest opinions on the lack of DLC for Skyrim at the moment? It seems unheard of for a modern game of this generation to not provide any additional content after six months. Are you bothered by the wait, or are you happy for Bethesda to take their time on it? Are you contemplating an announcement at E3 2012 now, or do you still think the content will be announced before?



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