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Sega’s naughty Super Monkey Ball Vita strategy

Is Sega’s Super Monkey Ball franchise in trouble? On this occasion, eyebrows are probably going to be raised as it has been revealed that the upcoming PS Vita version of the game will feature an ‘adult’ themed level.

A pretty looking young woman by the name of Yukie Kawamura will be featured in the game, as Sega has thought that it would be a great idea to include the Japanese swimsuit model in limited edition versions of the game, as revealed by Andria Sang.

The levels in question will feature the model dressed in her favorite attire, with our monkey hero having to find his way around the arena dodging certain obstacles – one of which is her pair of breasts which Sega have transformed into a monkey ramp.

If you’re interested in playing these kind of levels, you’ll want to know that trying to get hold of a limited edition may prove to be a difficult task. Sega are only putting a handful of codes inside boxes of Banana Blitz (the full title), and there’s obviously a high chance that the adult levels will only see a release in Japan anyway – for obvious reasons.

What do you make of this? Is it clever marketing by Sega or an embarassing ploy to shift their game? It seems to work for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive 5, another two games made by Japanese devs. Imagine the uproar by the parents if something like this happened in the UK, we wouldn’t see the end of it.

Let us know if you plan to import this asap!



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