PS3 MW3 Content Collection #1, Double XP weekend delight

By Alan Ng - Apr 20, 2012

Better late than never, we’re pleased to hear that PS3 owners of Modern Warfare 3 without a Call of Duty Elite subscription can finally get their hands on the first Content Collection DLC pack, containing four new multiplayer maps as well as two new Spec Ops missions.

Just to recap, Content Collection numero uno will contain the Black Box, Liberation, Piazza and Overwatch maps that Xbox 360 players have had for an eternity it seems. On top of that you’ll also get the Black Ice and Negotiator Spec Ops maps as well that you can play with your friends.

The price won’t be a surprise to many of you, as it comes in at a Activision standard of $14.99. You should be able to find the Content Collection on the PlayStation Store right now. As an added bonus, Activision has confirmed that this weekend will be another double XP weekend on all playlists.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any information on when the content will be available for PC players. It looks like you guys have well and truly been shunted again and it’s disappointing that the content isn’t available at the same time compared to Black Ops when Treyarch put the content out at the same time for PS3 and PC after Xbox 360.

Will you be forking out $14.99 for the six pieces of content, or do you think Modern Warfare 3 is past its sell by date now? We’ll let you know when we hear of news regarding the PC version – we’re not getting our hopes up though. On a side note, which map out of the four do you think is the best? Black Box seems to be very popular – would you agree?

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  • Horsesmouth

    Suck me activision

  • Yo!

    i put this down a month ago, i might go back now the dlc is finally out on ps3

  • Piranha72

    I like Overwatch and Liberation, Black Box is full of snipers and campers, Piazza is also full of corner campers.

  • bye activision

    all the maps r really crappy worst mw3 ever n laggy

  • Harry Crackz

    black box is crap, i hate it. foundation is crap too