Capcom disappointed over Street Fighter X Tekken DLC hacking

By Alan Ng - Apr 20, 2012

Capcom has spoken out on the now infamous affair involving those locked DLC characters on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Street Fighter X Tekken. The producer for the game has spoken of his disappointment after seeing the characters unlocked by hacking on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

For those of you that still aren’t aware what happened – here’s a brief recap. The game shipped with 12 locked characters on console that Capcom originally planned to make exclusive to the PS Vita version of the game. After Xbox 360 users hacked the game and unlocked the characters, Capcom has now come clean and announced that PS3 and 360 owners will have to pay $20 to play with the characters when they release officially later this year.

A lot of people are not too happy with Capcom for locking away content on the disc that they paid full price for as you can imagine, and now producer Tomoaki Ayano has revealed that he is ‘pretty disappointed’ that Xbox 360 players have found a way to hack the game, even using these locked characters in online ranked matches against legit Xbox 360 players as a further kick in the teeth.

Ayano has spoke about this in an interview with GameSpot, saying that he was also a bit ‘surprised’ at the level of skill that these hackers have in being able to unlock the characters in this way. Disappointment is the key word mentioned several times by the man though, but would you argue that the company brought it on themselves?

If they didn’t lock the content away in the first place, there would have been nothing to hack. We suppose they may have felt that they needed to adopt a different DLC strategy after fans didn’t particularly like the various ‘ultimate’ editions of games that they keep bringing out.

Capcom are disappointed that their game has been hacked, but are you disappointed that the company are not treating their customers with respect? You can bet that they won’t be pulling similar stunts with future games from now on – or will they?

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  • Ganstathuginit

    all games can be pirated so its all free to hackers. And thats there moto -it’s always freeee-. i pirated games for wii and now 360 =)

  • Mikey8747

    damn i been trying to unlock these charecters for weeks now. its really the only reason i like playing fighting games is trying to unlock the charecters wheres the fun in playing the game if there are no rewards for doing so i dont even see a point in playing this game anymore wish i never would have bought it

  • weaponx88

    Same thing on Skylanders……you had to buy these $20 packages of “characters” from retail stores to unlock levels/worlds already on the disk.

  • YWB

    It is wrong to put something on a disk that YOU bought, and charge you to unlock it.

  • Thataboy85

    They only got what they deserve! When your greed overrides your respect for the consumer that keeps you in business, expect to get what’s coming to you!!! Not saying hacking is right but this one is for the hackers!!!

  • After all the crap they have done i’ve put capcom on my “dont buy or play their game anymore” list. No matter what they say or argue about, making content to be “unlocked” later on for cash is just plain greed.


    It’s their own f***ing fault for trying to rip of their customers. BAD CAPCOM!

  • my freind is “disappointed” that his girlfriend broke up with him for cheating

  • Sephiroth420

    ahwell thats what you get when you lock characters on the disc, dont see why they are so pissed off about it, every game gets hacked eventually, look at all the pc releases of games, capcom should just learn to put all the stuff in the game from the start instead of bleeding people dry of their money! big up to the hackers that got the dlc unlocked in the game! xD


    what goes around comes around. capcom are absolutely in the know of how they are pretty much scamming buyers and gamers, ssf4, ssf4, ssf4ae, the worse part is the latest version still requires dlc purchase of costumes etc.

    in sfx they were gonna charge for colour pallettes??? how sick

  • Few92

    I’m going to file my complaint to the Better Business Bureau about capcom this is nonesense that capcom aka crapcom is still  going to make people pay for  DLC that is already on the disc..

  • Darkrockstar76

    Wanted to keep the game fresh? Keep it interesting? Then perhaps you shouldn’t have charged $60 on top of $20 to unlock characters. You had people that would’ve paid for the unnecessary costumes and other crap. But you couldn’t just treat it like the old days, huh? Couldn’t dream of allowing people to unlock the characters just by playing, huh? Sucks to be you guys, but I saw this coming.

  • Theo

    Maybe if they weren’t such cheapskates, this wouldn’t happen.

    Crapcom are farmers, and they love milking!

    I hope they Lose 50% of the company so mabye they can only focus on One game instead 50 crappy ones and 1 or 2 good ones…oh or refreshes…they are beating out Nintendo at refreshes…is that possible?

  • Brainfreeze42

    Love it. Hope you lose millions in DLC profits Crapcom. You deserve everything you get, for this. And I don’t even care about the game itself ! 😀

  • “Don’t start none won’t be none”?