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Samsung Galaxy S III design fears ahead of release

We have just provided you with some details regarding a LiquidMetal iPhone, but now we want to talk about the design choices for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, which we know now will be revealed on May 3rd this year.

The device is no longer a secret as such any more, as Samsung’s press invites for the May 3rd event in London included the words ‘Come and meet the next Galaxy’. The potential specs and design of the device however are still very much up for debate, although some alleged ‘leaked’ shots of the elusive have surfaced from Brazil and gives everyone an indication on how the Galaxy S III form factor will look like.

The shots provided by Gizmodo Brazil show a wider home screen button compared to the Galaxy S II, while there is also a peculiar looking oval glass design which borders the display screen. The display isn’t quite edge-to-edge as previously rumored, but it still looks big enough and definitely in the 4.xx region.

Gizmodo are claiming an ‘exclusive’ on the pictures, but an additional report over at The Verge suggests that the images are actually fakes and are ‘not even close’ to the final design according to their sources. Looking at the pictures though, would you be happy if the final design of the Galaxy S III looked a little bit like this? A lot of people just want to see a device that ‘looks nice’ and if Samsung are thinking about enlarging that home button, they are taking a step backwards in our opinion.

Simple, but elegant is the way forward for the Galaxy S III we feel and we would even welcome a device without a home button at all. After having seen all the various picture leaks for the device over the last few months, do you have a clear idea in your mind on what the Galaxy S III should look like? Let us know what you want to see in terms of design.



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