Black Ops 2 poster teases debrief reveal date

By Alan Ng - Apr 19, 2012

Is there anyone out there who still thinks the next Call of Duty game ‘wont’ be Black Ops 2? If you needed one last piece of evidence that we will be seeing a sequel to the most successful game ever, check out this new poster that has appeared online.

After mixed opinions on Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3, many of you feel that a follow-up game by Treyarch cannot come soon enough. Black Ops 2 is definitely coming after a poster revealed by Kotaku this week all but confirms this.

The poster shows a shaded out figure similar to the chap on the Black Ops box art, but more importantly it contains the words ‘Return for debriefing’ along with the date of May 2nd 2012. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that return for debriefing essentially implies that we need to come back for more – i.e, more of Black Ops!

Just to point out though that May 2nd date obviously doesn’t mean the release date for the game before you get excited, but we’re guessing that this is going to be the day when the game is revealed officially. This poster also comes on the back of another strong rumor which suggested that the game would be revealed on April 28th. The dates do not match up on this occasion, but what does match is the fact that the game is seemingly expected to be revealed very soon.

Black Ops may be the most successful game ever, but after Modern Warfare 3 and cries of a ‘damaged Call of Duty brand’, will Black Ops 2 be able to achieve the same level of success? The game is expected to go head to head with Medal of Honor: Warfighter, so it will probably still be very successful indeed.

Let’s hope that this poster is legit and we can all look forward to a reveal on May 2nd. Do you agree that Call of Duty is a damaged brand, or do you still have love for the franchise despite all the criticism?

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  • floydyboy

    I think Black Ops was one of the best multi-player games i’ve ever played,sure it lagged and the hit detection of the bullets was sometimes atrocious but it was still great to play which i can’t say about MW3.
     I think CoD is a damaged brand,too long now they have seemed not to care if their product even works online,MW3 for example is so full of lag that i often get killed by an enemy that hasn’t even appeared on my screen yet,it’s scandalous that the biggest gaming franchise on the planet cheaps out on their choice of servers just to maximise profit,i can’t see any other reason why they wouldn’t use dedicated servers.

  • Josh

    New poster?

    That’s the same out of Black Ops, fullstop.

    Nothing new there.

    • NgTurbo

      Didn’t put the poster here, in case Activision wanted it removed. The link in the article shows the poster Josh.