New PS Vita apps coming, YouTube still ignored

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2012

We have some good news for PS Vita now as some new content is finally on the way. Sony has announced three new applications that are coming to the handheld device, although you may be a little disappointed to hear that they aren’t some of the most requested apps.

PS Vita owners will know that one of the glaring omissions from the system at launch is a lack of Adobe Flash support. This means that the already below-par web browser isn’t very ideal when it comes to viewing Flash orientated websites and perhaps worst of all – there is still no YouTube app.

You would have thought that this would be a certainty for a multimedia device that can handle applications, especially with Sony’s new focus on social media and sharing on a global level. Unfortunately though, YouTube is still off the radar and it doesn’t appear to be landing any time soon.

What you will get though are three new apps called Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake Up Club respectively. The first is a basic paint program which allows you to make simple sketches on your device. You can edit photos that are stored on the Vita with some funny effects and then send them off to a local social space or to other users found via Near.

The next app is called Treasure Park it allows you and your friends to engage in a series of puzzle solving over 3G or WiFi and again, Near support is included so you can solve puzzles with new friends found. Finally, the last app Wake Up Clock is a fancy little Alarm Clock app, which allows you and your friends to sync a set time together. Obviously, you are not going to use this to wake up together, but we’re guessing that Sony has built this to allow friends to set a specific time for groups of friends to go online and play multiplayer at the same time. This feature may come in handy if the Call of Duty game supports clan battles for example – you get the idea.

These apps are all free and the first one Paint Park will be available from the PlayStation Store on Wednesday – the other two apps will release in the Summer. With that said and done, we still can’t hide our disappointment over a lack of Skype, YouTube as mentioned above or Netflix for non-US countries. Those are just some examples of apps that are badly needed on the system, although we would like to see an instant messenger as well, or even support for Draw Something.

What are your thoughts on the apps – which one seems the most useful to you? Are you a little bit disappointed as well with the current offering? What’s your current take on no YouTube support?

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  • Travis_suddieth

    Intravenus is a sony fanboy or employee. Boy I have tryed vita as in I bought it on March 1st after returning a 32 gig 4th gen white ipod touch back to bestbuy to get up the funds to buy that vita and hated it and returned it the next day to buy back a ipod touch. No youtube support, the WEB BROWSER sucks like you wouldn’t believe its just like the psp web browser with grey bars everywhere and never hardly loading up anything. No flash support I mean you either are payed to praise the vita or you are just some dumb kid that his parents bought it for you and all you do is praise sony for everything and never WANT to admit flaws of sony’s devices. You’d praise sony if the vita blew up and you lost your arm. You’d be back in best buy wanting another one and say you love sony. I love PS3 and I have 2 of the consoles but what I don’t do is kiss the companies a*s 24/7 and praise sony for everything when all along they piss me off more than any company alive right now. I stay with ps3 cause I have invested over 1,500 on psn off 2 main accounts so its not easy to just go 360 since being with ps3 since 2007. But if sony pisses me off and lies 24/7 and over hypes stuff I vent back I don’t overlook it like you fanboys and continue kissing their a*s like you sony fanboys. Vita isn’t supported and was overrated period. Its just another psp in the making wait and see. 

  • james

    youtube app is more important in ps vita which will really encourage people 

  • Partab_chhetri09

    sony company should provide youtube for ps vita so people will be eager to buy it otherwise it will face major loss. 

  • Alex

    All I want on the PS Vita is the UMD passport program – seriously Sony, let EU and US users have the option to run previosly purchased UMDs for their PS Vita!!

  • randomness

    i have my own vita at home and it is not a disappointment.The games awesome, the graphics  awesome, the web browser awesome and all the other functions absolutely f*****g awesome. The only thing i can b***h about the vita is no youtube and that is seriously it! Except for camera but your not gonna use it to take photos anyway.

  • Edymasta10

    its not vitas fault its the developers ofbsony that dont want to get flash and stuff vita has  alot of promise

  • Mister MAD cow

    IT’s A F*cking SHAME, YOUTUBE should be added ASAP, we now have skype, and it doesn’t have a message function and we can NOT ADD new people in this app, so the app is OKE, but not perfect, so we DEMAND youtube NOW, to make up for the fails of skype. 

  • arch

    always supported Sony since the PS1… I was over excited before Ps Vita was on the shelves. But when they announced games will cost 40quid mark and plus we need Sony memory cards, it really put me off. Now reading these news and I can tell I do not regret I didnt take a plunge. PS Vita could be awesome handheld (i believe it still is) but not for the money I got to invest to play games on the train. I really hoped it will have at least descent browser… even net browsing is very bad. What can I say.. this SUX.

    • Intravenus

      I have a Vita and it doesn’t suck even the slightest. Don’t knock it if you havent tried it. Aside from youtube not working yet, the browser works better than my iPhone 3gs. The games are awesome and I prefer playing it over PS3

  • leigh whellans

    I agree, i have to admit i am getting bored of the lack of support for this fantastic machine. I never thought i would hear myself saying that, as i have always supported Sony, but i fear that if things dont change soon, the ps vita will be my last Sony machine that i buy.

  • Geddyisere

    i still dont see it on the ps store, tbh its like sony dont care about english vita users, we dont get half of the stuff others do and the ps store is rarely updated, an example is the resistance augmented reality viewer not a neccessity but an example of what where not getting