GTA V release date contradictions frustrate gamers

By Alan Ng - Apr 23, 2012

The last we heard on Rockstar’s upcoming epic in Grand Theft Auto V, the whispers had the game down for a release in October. Now though, more release date rumors are threatening to contradict previous dates yet again, meaning that gamers are still no closer to finding out what Rockstar’s actual plans are for the game.

The latest website to throw caution to the wind regarding a release date is Dutch site InsideGamer. They have cited a freelance designer who is working with Rockstar, who has apparently told them that the game will release in December 2012 instead.

A delay has also been mentioned and it means that the information we told you about recently involving a Rockstar animator’s CV and LinkedIn profiles was either untrue or misinformed. Having said that, how can we really call this a ‘delay’ when Rockstar has yet to given any indication whatsoever on when the game will release?

At the moment they are staying very quiet on the matter, presumably because they want to save their next big reveal until E3 2012 – and rightly so. We have even seen another report claiming of a 2013 release date for the game, but until Rockstar tells us otherwise we’re still confident that the game will release this year.

Imagine an late October release date for GTA V though, it would mean having to splash out on many AAA titles with the likes of Black Ops 2, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Halo 4 and Assassin’s Creed III all on the way. That’s five games there which many of you would have no problems buying and all of them are arguably must have titles too with the exception of Medal of Honor.

Are you hoping for an 2012 release still for GTA V, or would you actually like to see a 2013 release instead so Rockstar can take their time to polish the game further?

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  • Tommy Vercetti


  • Nubarg

    Polish as much as they need so they feel absolutely perfect with everything. The games going to be amazing regardless, and I am as eager to have it in my hands as everyone else but I know that once I have it its going to feel amazing and the experience I have while playing is going to be bliss and euphoric. I cannot wait until I hear the opening song, whatever it will be, all we know guys, is its going to be amazing. So whether its 2012, 2013, or 2014, it’s going to be a timeless game. Mush love to rockstar, houser, and GTA. MUCH LOVE.

  • Loco

    I don’t care if it’s not released in 2012, as long as they start giving us more trailers, gameplay videos, some story information.

  • Josh

    It will be in October!!!!! I work at Game UK and on the computers it says all the dates for upcoming releases and information. For example where stock will go in the UK, when the shops will open if its a big title, what deals are to be made for consumers. The release date is 26th October 2013. All this story is doing is directing traffic to this website!!!!!!!!!!

    • R*N – 2405

      You have false information there… The game is to be released near may – september 2012. So you will have a great game coming sooner than you thought

  • peterman123

     I’d rather have less-polished GTA V in 2012 than a perfect GTA V after the world has ended, there’s no electricity, and I’m dead.

  • noober suckston

    A 2013 release would be a little too long, and it’ll be only a FEW features added to V compared to a 2012 release. So I wouldn’t be sad and I’m sure the majority of the gamers would prefer to have less features/bugs fixed than a longer time to wait to get their hands on the game they’ve been drooling for a year.

  • R*N – 2405

    Im not supposed to post this since it’s almost giving some slight information on Gta V but we rockstar have been currently working on Gta V for 4 years… And to be honest were trying to cover up and sound like we have only just began starting to make the game. So look foward to Gta V and keep checking for more information on Gta V on rockstars site. Have fun from – Unkown

  • Chris H

    Summer 2013 otherwise my final year at uni will go down the pan big time!

  • Dippz

    sure ting man can wait for dis ting to beee ralesed

  • adrianlopezsilva


    • JD

      How is this fake? It’s simply talking about how the rumored dates are contradicting each other and how it could compete in the market. Dumbass.

    • No

      Not sure if trolling or just stupid

      • Jackie

        haha I know right?

  • Carrot

    I like medal of honor better than Black Ops and I like assassins creed so I hope it comes out next year so i can have enough money to buy games.

  • Bravowilliam15

    Well people cannot take patience can they? As it may not be released this year but it WILL come out anyway so what’s the fuss? Rockstar are taking thier time developing the game so be grateful that you wont get a buggy rushed game.

  • Dymez

    I have no problem waiting for this game to be perfected. I’m not just a fan of the GTA series, but a fan ofRockstar Games all together. Max Payne 3 will more than very likely satisfy me until GTA V releases, whenever they decide.

  • Chococaco

    Yes please take your time with the game, I hate hearing people calling Saints Row is better than GTA when clearly it’s not and just a sad imitation of GTA and I heard Saints Row The Third was such a fail and had many glitches and whatnot, I want GTA V to shut them all up haha

    • Jamel Frazier

      What glitches are you talking about?

      • Dean Kay

        I hear there’s a lot, like when your in any vehicle u can start to spin out of control flying in the air in all directions, inside missions when u finish one objective the next one won’t start so u have to start over, in some activities things block the screen so u can’t see a thing, u can get a 1 star wanted lvl for just standing around or sometimes it will sky rocket up to 5 stars for no reason even when you remove it, just comes right back, sound sometime just completely turns off for no reasons, using your phone to call for things but they never come such as homies, vehicle delivery, the tank and aircrafts u unlock, some of the challengers that you need to do like kill 50 this do 300 seconds that will freeze up for no reason and no matter how many times you do it, the challenger score will never go up so u will never complete it, sometimes when you buying clothes or fixing your car in the garage, it will not like you exit so your just stuck inside whatever your doing and only way to get out is to restart the game, that’s all I can remembering what my friend told me, also I heard that SRTT is just like SR2 just with better graphics with so many things downgraded and the dlc’s were just crap, a waste of money and a big disappointment, that sure sounds like a fail to me haha

      • Lokie

        lmfao seriously? What glitches aren’t you talking about? Saints Row The Third is full of them

  • Johnny Azzer

    Yeah, really at this point many of us already want the game badly, but I would rather wait for the GTA V to be perfected than a rushed just to be full of flaws for us to be disappointed about later as many games nowadays are

  • December 2012 sounds good to me, I don’t want a rushed game full of things to complain about. A game that’s had the appropriate time and effort spent on it will always win