GTA V release date contradictions frustrate gamers

The last we heard on Rockstar’s upcoming epic in Grand Theft Auto V, the whispers had the game down for a release in October. Now though, more release date rumors are threatening to contradict previous dates yet again, meaning that gamers are still no closer to finding out what Rockstar’s actual plans are for the game.

The latest website to throw caution to the wind regarding a release date is Dutch site InsideGamer. They have cited a freelance designer who is working with Rockstar, who has apparently told them that the game will release in December 2012 instead.

A delay has also been mentioned and it means that the information we told you about recently involving a Rockstar animator’s CV and LinkedIn profiles was either untrue or misinformed. Having said that, how can we really call this a ‘delay’ when Rockstar has yet to given any indication whatsoever on when the game will release?

At the moment they are staying very quiet on the matter, presumably because they want to save their next big reveal until E3 2012 – and rightly so. We have even seen another report claiming of a 2013 release date for the game, but until Rockstar tells us otherwise we’re still confident that the game will release this year.

Imagine an late October release date for GTA V though, it would mean having to splash out on many AAA titles with the likes of Black Ops 2, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Halo 4 and Assassin’s Creed III all on the way. That’s five games there which many of you would have no problems buying and all of them are arguably must have titles too with the exception of Medal of Honor.

Are you hoping for an 2012 release still for GTA V, or would you actually like to see a 2013 release instead so Rockstar can take their time to polish the game further?



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