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Diablo 3 beta shutdown date set, last chance to get a key

If you are still trying to frantically get in to the Diablo III beta, you don’t have much longer sadly. Blizzard has just announced the date in which the beta test will come to an end. However, that only means one thing – the full game is nearly upon us!

For those of you that aren’t aware, the beta for Diablo III has been open since September, although gaining access into the test has proved very difficult, even for those who have been loyal Diablo players since the franchise started in 1996.

Those of you who have managed to in however, we’re guessing that you have now played the game to death and are waiting for the full release on May 15th. With this in mind, Blizzard has now stepped up and announced that the beta will be closing on May 1st, so if you do have a key still you better get playing before you’re booted from the servers.

In a message on the Blizzard blog, the developer has thanked those who have took the time to test the game and have said that they they’ve done an ‘admirable job’ with the feedback greatly received in this ‘critical phase of development’.

Did you manage to get in to the beta? There doesn’t appear to be any easy routes in from what we see, so it looks like a missed opportunity now with just a few weeks to go until release. What class are you going to choose when the full game does come out?

UPDATE: We’re hearing whispers that upon announcing a closure date for the beta, Blizzard has actually opened up the beta to everyone with a account. Have you managed to get into the beta today? Leave us a comment if you have been successful or not.



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