Last minute Skyrim DLC wishes before release

By Alan Ng - Apr 17, 2012

Bethesda has recently said that in April, they will have some ‘cool news and surprises’ in store for Skyrim players. Now, the company has released a teaser image and there’s speculation brewing that it could be attached to a potential DLC announcement this week.

For those of you that aren’t aware, it has been six months now since Skyrim first released back in November 2011 and we are yet to have a sniff of any sort of post-release content, on console anyway. The same cannot be said for PC users though, since they are probably not too desperate for new content as console users, as they have the full use of the Creation Kit and mods to enjoy whenever they want to spice up their game.

If you head to the official Bethesda Twitter account now, you’ll see that an image has been revealed of an unknown figure, along with the words ‘tomorrow’. Obviously there is no guarantee that this is Skyrim DLC related, but it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if Bethesda were to unveil something completely unrelated to Skyrim, as that may infuriate fans further.

Going back to Pete Hines’ Tweet at the end of last month though, he did say that Bethesda has some announcements concerning Rage too, so this is another reason why we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much. Having said that, we can’t hide our excitement on the future of the game as you just know that Bethesda are prepping something huge for the game on an epic scale of proportions.

After seeing the level of quality in their expansion packs for Oblivion, we can’t wait to see what they come up with for Skyrim. The ultimate release for us would be a trip back to Cyrodiil, but if Bethesda announce some brand new locations to gamers we wouldn’t mind that either. A lot of people want to see random epic boss battles when travelling around and we agree that adding Monster Hunter style elements into the game would add a brand new dimension to Skyrim.

We saw with Bethesda’s Game Jam clip that possibilities are endless for DLC, so let’s hope that their reveal on Tuesday will be specifically linked to the first expansion pack. If you are playing Skyrim on console at the moment, tell us what you want to see in the first piece of DLC. Remember that it will be an Xbox 360 timed-exclusive for a month, just like Call of Duty. This will continue for the second piece of DLC as well, when it will then become available on PS3 and PC. It’s not ideal obviously, but that’s the way the industry works these days unfortunately.

What DLC do you want to see? What are your thoughts on the image released above by Bethesda – any ideas?

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  • xser

    The return of dwemer would be a nice thing. It should be like youre in very depths of under keep and youll find a wounded dwemer that would like you to do a favour for him like escorting him into even deeper place were you would find………….. finish my story if you think its good

  • Masternikko

    Cant wait huge talk about morwind and cyridil but who knows I would like to see asocials in the future to fully unlock the world of tamriel and kill the empire and those damn elves.
    Waugaman eliet

  • ThatOrcAshaad

    I want more things to make you want to be a vampire or werewolf like special armor, weapons, and skills for the vampires for example: Instead of Ebony armor you get Reaper armor or instead of Dragonbone armor it turns into Bonelord armor all with their own Gothic or Evil look to them. Instead of Daedric Great Axe it is a Vampire demon scythe. Vampiric instant kills like biting to soul sucking. AND VAMPIRE LORD IS A MUST HAVE.

    Werewolves instead of losing their armor it magically warps into were armor still not whole but pieces still holding on buy straps to keep our armor rating. And instead of Werebears, like the vampire the ability to turn off the wolf instead of a time limit and the ability to go a level higher like an alpha form bigger and stronger.

    More weapons and weapon forms like martial arts or mage staff, spears, ball and chains, katanas, bare handed combat tree or again martial arts for people who want to break necks with their own two hands.

    New Armor for every metal and I dont mean one or two all of them like bear skin barbarian armor to Skyrim style samurai and ninja armor. Dragon Bone Weapons for the love of Aldiun.

    More enemies, tougher and scarier dragons, actual war happening somewhere, more villages or cities coming under attack from more things, more guilds and old guild missions, ability to build a house, Skeletal or otherwise servants at said house, more spouse options,

    And for the love of the Nine new mounts Dragon or otherwise. Damn horses keep dropping like flyes.

    I think thats it……..OH and more pets thanks.

  • Bigpapapanda9

    yes a war against the thalmor would be very nice with help from the dragons of course that you befriend and the rise of the blades again. Also if possible if really possible no joke but become the emperor of all of tamerial just think about tiber septim he was a dragonborn and he became emperor after his war against the aldmeri dominion and created a grand empire since the empire we know today in skyrim is crumbling you have the power to bring it back to its formor glory and become something. if you want proof on why the dragonborn should be emperor i would suggest finding the book “the book of dragonborn” located in the helgen keep dungeon and also i believe the riverwood inn inside delphine’s secret chamber. But i certainly like the war against the thalmor its time they pay with the empire or stormcloaks and dragons and the blades with you whos with me.

  • Callum Tucker1

    This picture is from the dishonoured trailer 🙁

  • Guest

    plus what if you dont have xbox live when the dlc comes out

  • Wolfassassin

    i want a relm like the shivering isles and you could fast travel around the land of the elder scrolls or a underground city with a new guild and you can buy a house there and maby there could be a cave where some pure snow elfs are and a cool archer armor with a hood and mask and bring knights of the nine back and when you see shogorath in skyrim your looking at your self from oblivion?

  • Gamingstopcentral


    a Poll on the first thread that is now closed showed the community was largely
    in favor of this coming back in one form or another. I decided posted this
    thread to continue the support to show the Skyrim Developer’s that we indeed
    want this back.

    Jumping Height, I really hope in future content
    (Boots of Springheel Jack) the developer’s will let us increase jumping height
    or have it as Perks for the Vampire and Werewolf. Now Im not talking about
    jumping over castles and some of that silly nonsense from Oblivion. Just enough
    to jump on top of houses for stealth characters. This would really add enjoyment
    to the already awesome game. I mean this is a single player game and it will not
    bother anyone else to play the game with increased jumping. Maybe let you
    character jump 4X times higher. I play on the PC, But I would love for this
    feature to be available for Consoles which I prefer because of my huge HD Beast
    of a Tv, Even with the jumping increased to 4X I still cannot jump over walls on
    the PC version..It seems the Developers was planning on some kind of Acrobatic
    skill at some point because of the invisibles walls but scraped it at some point
    late in the development.

    Here goes a sample of how high /max it should be
    with a enchantment…Nothing crazy…h?v=FpqfKXXOYcM

    • NgTurbo

      Ah the boots of Springheel Jack…got me out of a lot of tricky situations on Oblivion!

  • I want to limit actually the enchantment and blacksmithing.  Put a cap on it so we are forced to always get bigger and better gear.  My heavy armor in the game is very high and magic can’t touch me.  It’s cool, but with an expansion there won’t be a true challenge unless there’s crazy strong bosses and mobs.  Make new gear harder to obtain.  It would just be too easy to utilize my sneaking to get what I want without fighting for it.  How about some nomadic AI as well?  Just because they’re “NPC’s” doesn’t mean they can’t wander the roads and occosionally a dungeon to do what we are doing.

  • not the dova

    Online Arena DLC, one on one battle to the death, capture the Keep teams of eight, Big Team Combat, put some set amounts of restrictions on it, so bodies won’t go flying off all the time, like limited amounts of shouts/magic spells one can use in battle. Something like that, just my Imagination running :D.

    Or a new Questline, such as, a student from the arcane university travels to Skyrim in search of the Dragon Born, a letter is sent to the Dragon Born that says to meet the student at a location at night. When the Dragon Born arrives, the student is looking at a Star in the night sky through some strange device and says “Is that you Dragon Born…I can feel your presence deep in my soul…its frightening”. the student tells the Dragon Born of a Star that gets brighter and brighter by the day and says it may fall from the heavens and crash unto Skyrims lands, the student asks of the Dragon Born’s assistance to accompany him across the treacherous lands of Skyrim and retrieve the star fragments. On the night the star falls across the sky, a loud boom is heard throughout the lands of Skyrim, louder than combined voice’s of the Grey Beards themselves. As the student and Dragon Born travel to the location, they can hear a strange noise in the distance, nothing that they ever heard of before. Little do they know that it was not an ordinary Star but something else. When they get to the location, nothing is there.

    What are these strange happenings, the student and the Dragon Born go back to where the student was camping out and call it a night. Once asleep, strange dreams of bright blurryness occur. When dawn breaks, the student has a task for Dragon Born to get some supplies as the student goes back to the location to search for fragments and meet back at the camp. As the Dragon Born runs for supplies, there is talk amongst the farmers, saying the person saw a strange little creature staring at him late at night, and then vanished into the light up in the sky..

    But anyways Online arena, or bring the arena to skyrim and some new content 😀

    p.s You En’wah!…Lets get the en’wah outta here, quickly now, before the legion finds us here.

  • Guest

    I’d like to see better/more diverse armour and clothing for mages. It get’s a bit boring when you’re pretty much forced to wear the Arch Mage’s robes with Morokei, as it’s easy to get quite early on and unless you’re proficient in heavy armour with a high amount of magika, you get pretty much slaughtered if you try wear anything else.

    Well I do, anyway.

  • Matthewcoward

    Just line up Thalmor heads for me to smesh

  • Sean

    I agree with the monster hunter element in the game, that would be great, ive wanted to see a trip back to cyrodill, but i think i long more to return to morrowind, maybe a thalmor invasion is occuring and you have to go to these two places to gain forces to aid the stormcloaks/empire

  • Amina Khan

    i personally would like to see something either continue from civil war to elect a new high king of skyrim or something to do with the thalmor as my daedric sword wishes to attack any type of elve for some reason

  • Guest

    anything as long as its soon….the rumours of kinect voice control integration sound superb and can only hope this is true but really need it soon as just received copy of witcher 2 which i wanna start playin soon

    • Coolguy65

      the kinectic intergration is not a rumor that is definitly coming

  • Daset

    I bet the DLC will be something that nobody really wants, and they’ll release it 5 months after they say they’ll release it.

  • Guest

    a war with the thalmor and whichever side of the civil war you chose

    • Dragonkiller

      Good idea ive been wanting to smash some thalmor faces with my mace

  • Alduin in human mode hahahahaahahah