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Samsung Galaxy S III release imminent with confirmed event

After months of speculation and a multitude of photoshopped images, it looks like Samsung are finally ready to come out of the closet and reveal their best kept secret of the year so far – the Galaxy S III smartphone.

We’ve just become aware that Samsung has now begun sending out invites to their Mobile Unpacked event in London, which according to the poster we’ve seen, will take place on Thursday May 3rd.

The stylish poster kept the details to a bare minimum, but they have told everyone to ‘come and meet the next Galaxy’, which obviously refers to the Galaxy S III which was first rumored back in January. Will we finally see the first Samsung smartphone with a quad-core processor? That seems to be a certainty, but one interesting discussion that we’ve seen is what software Samsung will ship with the device.

It is very likely that the Galaxy S III will include Android 4.0 out of the box, but whether it will be a stock version or come with their infamous Touchwiz interface is still up for debate. We think that it will still be TouchWiz based, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung use the Galaxy S III as the first device to feature a brand new version of TouchWiz.

One rumored feature that we really hope comes true though is wireless charging. We told you last month that it is a possibility that wireless charging could make it in to the Galaxy S III, but we also told you about rumors speculating on an April release – well we now know that this won’t come true with an event scheduled for May 3rd.

Are you now breathing a sigh of relief that the Galaxy S III release saga is coming to an end? Tell us what you would like to see in the next generation Galaxy smartphone in order to secure your purchase.



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