Google Glasses meets Battlefield with stunning results

You have to admire a good concept and this latest one that we have to show you is rather brilliant we have to say. If you’re familiar with Google’s recent Project Glass initiative, you’ll be interested to know that somebody has created a video game version of it.

It’s not just any old video game though, but rather a concept look at how Battlefield 5 may look in the distant future if combined with a pair of Google’s fancy glasses. In short, the person in the video is able to load up a virtual Battlefield sim straight from the glasses, using the location that he is currently situated.

Soldiers come out of nowhere and there’s plenty of Battlefield effects to be seen, including some pretty realistic knife action. The video takes elements from Google’s original Project Glass video, such as being able to toggle music on and off through the glasses, as well as being able to take a video call instantly, whilst still being in the Battlefield sim.

Sound a bit too unrealistic to you? Perhaps, but that’s why it’s a concept and it is very well made. The video, made by ‘There is a Canal’ seems to have already attracted the attention of EA, as we can see that the video has already been uploaded to the official Battlefield Facebook page. Job done then for the creator?

This could be the first progression into a virtual reality future of video games, and it may seem farfetched right now, but it is obviously going to happen sooner or later – in the comfort of your own home. We just hope that Google’s Glasses come with a disclaimer, otherwise people are going to get seriously hurt running around abandoned warehouse sites pretending to shoot imaginary people.

What are your thoughts on the conceptdo you like it?



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