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Vita priority ahead of God of War 4 on console

We have some more God of War 4 whispers to tell you about now, and to our surprise it looks like Sony are finally ready to confirm the existence of a new game. We thought an announcement would be coming at E3 2012, but it seems that it may actually happen next week instead!

Sony has posted a rather large God of War-style teaser on the official PlayStation Facebook page. It’s there for all to see now and it contains the words “Will vengeance bring redemption?”, along with a reveal date of April 19th – next Thursday.

Obviously upon seeing that text for the first time, God of War should immediately be the first thing that springs to mind. Vengeance, redemption – all classic traits of that no nonsense warrior who goes by the name of Kratos. If you still are unsure as to whether this really is God of War related, check out the URL of the image that Sony has posted.

Towards the end it contains the letters ‘gowa’, which has prompted speculation that this could reference a title by the name of God of War Ashes. The color scheme of the image does give the sense of being related to fire, so just maybe. Just like the recent Crysis 3 bombshell that will be revealed soon, it looks like we’re going to be treated to another huge reveal with God of War 4.

Will it really be God of War 4 though, or a spin-off title? If it’s the latter we would love to see this announced for the PS Vita as well, as Kratos would be a perfect fit on Sony’s new handheld. With previous God of War games on the PSP back catalog, it seems a no-brainer that we’ll eventually see a new God of War game in portable format.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s Facebook teaser – it has to be God of War right folks? Let us know if you would rather see a brand new console game, or a new God of War spin-off exclusive to the Vita.



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