Skyrim Fus Ro Dah Kinect support prolongs DLC further

By Alan Ng - Apr 13, 2012

It had previously been teased in various Xbox 360 mods, but we’re pleased to say that Bethesda are now going to deliver on an official scale. Kinect support is coming to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, including full support for dragon shouts via voice only.

You know what that means don’t you? You’ll now be able to use shouts such as Fus Ro Dah to your heart’s content, simply by shouting into the Kinect sensor in your best macho warrior voice.

The depth of the Kinect support for the game is nothing short of impressive, as you’ll even be able to call upon every single skill in the game, fast travel at ease, bring up the skill tree menus and much more. One of the most pleasing aspects we can see is that you’ll be able to tell Kinect to loot items when hunting in dungeons. Even when you are over encumbered you can simply transfer some items to a traveling companion – all by voice.

Bethesda has stated that there’s over 200 voice commands to be implemented in the Xbox 360 version of the game via Kinect, while a full list of Kinect dragon shouts will be available for study soon. We have a feeling that Fus Ro Dah is the one that’s going to be used the most though, and we can’t help but feel that PS3 users would love the same kind of functionality.

It also poses the question on the status of DLC. Bethesda look to have spent a good while on getting this working so smoothly, so we can only hope that their next project is finalizing DLC. It has been six months since release after all, so to say that extra content on console is due is an understatement.

Delight for Xbox 360 owners, but not so much for PS3 users perhaps. Let us know your thoughts on the new Kinect support for the game. It will be available for use at the end of this month – there’s an excellent preview video showing it in action below.

Is new functionality like this worth postponing DLC or not?

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  • LT

    What? WHAT? You can use actual shouts on xbox kinect? That is almost worth low graphics, the cost of a kinect and the numerous embarrasing screaming incedents. I would not totally mind it though…

  • Rforce21

    I’m on the verge of trading in Skyrim… I haven’t touched it in two months and the longer it takes for DLC, the less interested I am in it. Xbox owner

  • Brandon80hare

    Nice to appeal to 1/3 of your gaming market by making something only xbox users can enjoy and only 1/10 of that 1/3 will use it….nice job……

  • Horsesmouth

    To be fair I just wanna play the game, not be shouting at my tv. Kinect is just one big gimmick. They should be concentrating on dlc and not spending so much time developing something that 99% of people won’t use anyway.

    • Commander

      You are wrong. I can’t wait to use this new functionality. It’ll be awesome not wasting time to click around, but to fully immerse in the Skyrim universe. Kinect for Mass Effect was good, but Kinect for Skyrim will be even better.