New Medal of Honor Warfighter gameplay may surprise you

By Alan Ng - Apr 13, 2012

We have a treat for those of you who are itching for a closer look at EA’s new Medal of Honor game. The first proper footage for Warfighter has now been released and for those of you fearing of an inferior product compared to Battlefield 3 – it actually looks pretty good.

Battlefield 3 is still very much the game to play at the moment, regardless of the state of multiplayer at the moment. EA has a tough task ahead if they are going to entice gamers to move away from BF3 in favor of picking up their new Warfighter game. A brand new trailer released though does a mighty fine job of planting the seed though, as we see some actual gameplay for the very first time, utilizing that Frostbite 2 engine which has been used to great effect on the PC version of Battlefield 3.

The gameplay shown takes place in the Philippines, with Danger Close eager to once again emphasize that the gameplay will allow players to take the role of numerous assault forces on a global scale. Don’t ask us why but one of the soldiers featured in the trailer really reminds us of Jesse Ventura’s Blain character from the awesome Predator movie – watch it and see what you think!

There’s even a explosion-filled gunship scene thrown in there for extra measure too which looks particularly tasty. A lot of people are still not sure about whether to get this game after the first MoH title, but we say it is looking very good. The big question that a lot of you are wanting to know though is – how good is multiplayer looking? This will be Danger Close’s first crack at multiplayer since the last game, as you’ll probably know that this was handled by DICE last time around. How well will they be able to implement that Frostbite 2 engine?

Check out the new footage below and let us know your thoughts on it. We’re impressed so far.

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  • Dynasty2201

    I find gameplay trailers that have ‘in-game’ footage are always more flashy and fluid than the final product.  MUch like an ‘in-game’ screenshot, which is PR code for ‘air-brushed and modified screenshot to make the game look as amazing as possible even though your console cant cope with these graphics.’, so you end up disappointed with the final product as your expectations are sky high.

    But hopefully DC have learnt from MoH.

    The footage looks, unsurprisingly, alot like Battlefield 3.  The weapons look the same etc.  So this could be Battlefield 3 2.0

    And I guess console owners will whine at the graphics AGAIN, as Frostbite 2.0 on consoles is the equivelant of Low (lol) settings on the PC.

    I kind of hope they make this one better than MoH.  That game had moments of greatness (last stand mission, SAW mission where you’re firing on an MG giving cover as your squad advanced and took it out etc), overshadowed by mediocre, maybe even boring, multiplayer by the legendary DICE.  I was surprised at how different the MP felt.  Everything felt a bit stiff, not much recoil etc.  Felt a bit cheap as a whole.